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What Are the Different Types of Online Business Communication?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Online business communication usually involves the ability to converse between employees of a company, or methods for contacting customers. Employees at a company often contact each other through various text messages, including emails and messaging programs that are developed to function within a particular company. There are also numerous forms of online business communication that allow for more elaborate discussions and conversations, including video and audio messaging programs and online collaboration software. Other forms of communication may be used to reach and contact customers, including the use of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages and individual emails for different departments.

Some of the most common methods of online business communication are used by a company to facilitate discourse among employees. Text messages are commonly sent between associates at a business, who are often in contact with each other regularly throughout the day. Many businesses have email accounts for employees to use, which are intended for official and professional messages. Instant messaging software is also frequently used, allowing people to quickly and easily relay information to each other.

Audio and video communication can be used by a online company while discussing a new business plan.
Audio and video communication can be used by a online company while discussing a new business plan.

There are also more advanced forms of online business communication that can be used by a company. Audio and video messaging and chat programs are often provided to employees, allowing them to send each other messages and to facilitate teleconferencing. This allows people to see and hear each other while discussing a business plan or for a presentation to be made at a company.

Some online business communication methods can allow employees to work together and collaborate on projects. Technology often combines audio and video messaging with file sharing and resource interaction. Such software can be used to allow online business communication between colleagues as they review each other’s work and provide real time feedback on a project. Files can also be accessed from a central hub simultaneously by different users, allowing work to be modified during long-distance collaboration.

There are other methods for online business communication intended to allow a company to remain in contact with its customers. Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ pages are often set up by a business on its website to provide initial answers to questions that customers may have. Contact information, such as phone numbers and appropriate email addresses are also commonly available, allowing customers to communicate with people at a company. There are messaging programs that companies can use to provide customers with immediate feedback and information from a company representative online, or through a virtual employee that is actually a computer program.

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Discussion Comments


@fify-- I think a combination of emails and telephone calls is the best and most reliable way to communicate in your situation.

I work for a business that has about that many employees and we're all in different states. For important conversations and interviews, we use the phone. But for routine communication such as questions about content or payment, we use email. It's been working fine for us this way.

If the employee number increases, getting back to emails can become more difficult. In that case, you might have to switch to mass emails or teleconferencing. But for now, communication can probably mostly be handled with email.


What's the best and most reliable method of online communication for a business with about fifty employees in different countries?


My bank has online banking that I use all the time. In the beginning, they just provided an email address on the website to contact with questions. That was great, I used to get responses very quickly.

And then they switched to a message system. They have a message page where I enter my information and question and then wait for them to respond to me. I don't like this system because it's taking them forever to get back to me now!

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    • Audio and video communication can be used by a online company while discussing a new business plan.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Audio and video communication can be used by a online company while discussing a new business plan.