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What are the Different Types of OAT® Test Practice?

K.C. Bruning
K.C. Bruning

Practice for the Optometry Admission Test (OAT®) can be approached in several different ways. Some of the most common options for study include flashcards, workbooks, software, and practice questions online. The most effective OAT® test practice method depends on the learning style and resources of the student. Often a combination of two or more methods provides the best results. Overall, most students will need to cover both the information to be memorized and learn the structure of the exam over the course of their preparations.

One of the key elements of OAT® test practice is to memorize a large amount of information. While the student is expected to already have a strong base of knowledge gathered from one to two years of college study, there will still be substantial information to review and retain. Flashcards can be an easy, flexible way to absorb numerous facts. After using the cards for an overall review of information from all parts of the test, students can increase the efficiency of their OAT® test practice by gradually focusing on the cards that have proven to be most difficult to memorize.

Workbooks are a good way to practice for the OAT exam.
Workbooks are a good way to practice for the OAT exam.

Workbooks are another flexible and simple way to practice for the OAT® exam. They offer the same opportunities to start with an overview of the different sections and then eventually focus on problem areas. Workbooks can also be helpful for students who have limited access to or difficulty using computers.

There are also books available that cover all areas of the OAT® exam in detail. Most of these publications also provide several practice questions. Some even have practice questions on accompanying software, which can give a student the opportunity to create a close simulation of the actual test. These books can be helpful for students who need more study in order to grasp basic concepts in addition to practice with questions. Books also often have several study tips that will help a student to navigate the specific elements of the exam.

Some students may find that the most effective OAT® test practice is on the computer, so that they can get in the habit of answering questions the way they will when taking the actual test. In addition to the software and CD-ROMs that come with some study books, there are many places to practice with sample questions online. While many sites offer a few free questions, the closest approximation to the actual test is more likely to be found on sites where the student must pay for access.

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    • Workbooks are a good way to practice for the OAT exam.
      By: gstockstudio
      Workbooks are a good way to practice for the OAT exam.