What are the Different Types of Nutrition Services?

B. Miller

There are a number of different types of nutrition services available for individual people and families. Registered dietitians work with individuals in order to get them to follow a better diet based on specific needs, such as for weight loss, or to manage cholesterol or diabetes. If one is having difficulty getting the diet and eating habits under control, researching some nutrition services can be a good place to start.

Nutrition services can help people develop a balanced diet plan and avoid obesity.
Nutrition services can help people develop a balanced diet plan and avoid obesity.

One of the most common types of nutrition services is simply counseling for weight loss. An individual will make an appointment with a nutritionist or dietitian, who may then ask them to keep a food log for a week so he or she can get a clear idea of the diet. When the client visits the dietitian, he or she will be able to provide the client with a healthy diet plan. The client may then visit the nutritionist a few more times in order to make any necessary changes to the diet and to follow up with weight loss progress.

If someone is interested in a specific branch of nutrition and how to apply it to their life, such as holistic nutrition, they may visit a nutritionist as well. These types of nutrition services are usually paid for out of pocket. Other types of nutrition services, however, may be recommended by a doctor, and may be partially or fully covered by health insurance. A doctor may recommend that an adult or child visit a dietitian for a number of reasons.

Doctors often recommend a visit to a nutritionist for people who are very overweight, or who have diabetes or risk factors for diabetes. People with heart disease such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure might also take advantage of nutrition services. Another type of nutrition service is that offered by a personal trainer at a gym.

Personal trainers may also have some training in nutrition, or they make work in conjunction with a diet coach. When people come to the gym and sign up for personal training to lose weight and get in shape, it is often the case that the trainer or diet coach will be able to help them with meeting their nutritional needs as well. These nutritional services may not be as extensive as what one would find from a registered dietitian, but they can often be enough to help someone get back on track with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

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