What are the Different Types of Mouth Ulcer Remedies?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
A rinse made with baking soda can help treat mouth ulcers.
A rinse made with baking soda can help treat mouth ulcers.

There are various treatments for mouth ulcers, which are also often also called canker sores. One of the main sources of mouth ulcer remedies is often a doctor, who can prescribe rinses and topical pastes to help get rid of oral lesions. There are also over-the-counter treatments available, such as nutritional supplements and antacids that can help heal mouth ulcers. Of course, there are also home remedies for this issue, including ice chips and pastes or rinses made with baking soda.

Many people seek help from their doctor as the first step to curing an oral lesion. Some doctors prescribe mouth rinses that contain steroids or antibiotics to help reduce inflammation and discomfort. They may also recommend topical pastes to put on the canker sore since ingredients like benzocaine and fluocinonide can decrease discomfort and speed up the recovery process. While there may not be an oral medication made just for treating mouth ulcers, both heartburn and gout treatments can often help and may be prescribed. Oral steroids may be considered in severe cases, but their negative side effects often make them a last resort for most doctors.

For those seeking immediate mouth ulcer remedies, over-the-counter products from the local drugstore may be more convenient than waiting to see a doctor to get a prescription. Fortunately, some nutritional supplements can help heal canker sores, including folic acid, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. There are topical pastes available over-the-counter, as well, and some of these mouth ulcer remedies can even numb the area to help relieve pain while the ulcer heals. One of the most surprising mouth ulcer remedies is milk of magnesia, which is normally used as an antacid or laxative. This remedy works well to help relieve the pain of canker sores while helping them heal as quickly as possible.

Not everyone is able to get to the doctor or the store to buy mouth ulcer remedies, which means that home treatment is sometimes necessary. One of the most basic ways to get rid of the pain of canker sores is to keep ice chips in the mouth until they melt, which can help numb the affected area. A combination of hydrogen peroxide, salt water, and baking soda dissolved in warm water can be used to rinse out the mouth, though it is important not to swallow this mixture. Baking soda and water can also be combined to create a paste, which can then be applied to the sore to help relieve discomfort.

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    • A rinse made with baking soda can help treat mouth ulcers.
      By: mady70
      A rinse made with baking soda can help treat mouth ulcers.