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What are the Different Types of Loss Prevention Jobs?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

One of the more common loss prevention jobs is in the retail industry, where workers try to stop shoplifting by members of the public. Other times, people might be employed in an industrial setting, where they are responsible for trying to limit injuries to workers or damage to mechanized equipment. These positions can also be found in a warehouse environment where employee theft could be a problem.

Retailers often hire people to fill loss prevention jobs due to the high amount of shoplifting or theft these establishments experience. Workers in this capacity might pretend to be a shopper in order to spot those who are stealing merchandise. They could also observe the sales floor through the use of cameras in order to catch individuals who are taking things without paying for them.

A loss prevention officer may monitor customers for signs of shoplifting.
A loss prevention officer may monitor customers for signs of shoplifting.

Workers in the manufacturing industry may be susceptible to accidents while they are on the job. For this reason, many firms hire people for loss prevention jobs. When employed in this capacity, individuals might be responsible for checking different areas within a facility to make sure there are no safety violations. They could also make recommendations to members of management as to how to make their workplace safer so injuries are less likely to happen.

In an industrial setting, a loss prevention supervisor might also make sure equipment does not get damaged. This might mean he checks to make sure conveyor belts and other machinery are being operated properly. It could also require him to inspect the maintenance records of vehicles, such as forklifts, in order to ensure they do not become unserviceable or costly to repair.

Many times, warehouse workers might be tempted to pilfer or steal things while they are handling them. In these cases, loss prevention jobs are created to deter employee theft from happening. Members of this department could do this by placing signs up throughout the facility, or installing cameras in areas where expensive merchandise might be located. They could also be required to search the belongings of others who are suspected of taking things from the business.

Reducing work-related injuries and theft from an establishment are two ways managers can increase the amount of profit for their business. Hiring people to fill loss prevention jobs is often one way of doing this. These workers also benefit their fellow employees by helping to keep them safe. Individuals who enjoy working as a member of a team could find one of these positions to be a rewarding endeavor.

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    • A loss prevention officer may monitor customers for signs of shoplifting.
      By: Gina Sanders
      A loss prevention officer may monitor customers for signs of shoplifting.