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What are the Different Types of Landscape Light Fixtures?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Homeowners can set their yard apart from others by using landscape light fixtures of various kinds. One popular type is walkway lighting, which is meant to allow people to see where they are walking at night. Accent lights are good to place near different attractions in the yard, such as a particularly beautiful tree or plant. Solar lights are also popular to put in yards, as they do not require electricity or wires to be run underneath them. Any of these landscape light fixtures can be placed in the yard year round, or only brought out for use during outdoor parties if desired.

Safety is usually the primary goal of walkway lighting, though it also often looks stylish. This type of lighting tends to come in a set of several small light fixtures to be placed along a path in either a front yard or backyard so that people can see the pathway at night. Some types of fixtures for the pathway are plain, and are merely made up of a light bulb on a post or beacon. On the other hand, some types of landscape light fixtures for the walkway add style to the yard, as they resemble small lanterns, with lights that hang down from a staff pushed into the ground. Most are black, bronze, or silver, and are often sold in sets of a few fixtures.

Walkway lighting is just one type of landscape light fixture.
Walkway lighting is just one type of landscape light fixture.

Accent lighting is perfect for yards that have at least a few items worth highlighting, such as a waterfall, decorative stone, statue, or a particularly attractive plant or tree. This kind of light fixture draws the eye to certain areas of the yard, so these landscape light fixtures should be placed strategically near appealing features rather than areas that the homeowner would like to hide. One type of accent lighting includes up lights, which are lights that are angled upward to cast a glow on plants. Down lights, on the other hand, are usually placed in trees and are angled downward, while back lights sit behind the area that is being displayed so that it is easy to see.

Solar lights are known for being easy to install, as they do not require wiring. Instead, they use the sun's energy to charge their batteries during the day, which means that the longer they are in the sun, the longer they will shine at night. These landscape light fixtures range from basic to decorative, as some are designed to look like lanterns. While these are typically affordable and easy to install, they are not particularly bright, especially on overcast days.

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    • Walkway lighting is just one type of landscape light fixture.
      By: Rob
      Walkway lighting is just one type of landscape light fixture.