What Are the Different Types of Kosher Multivitamins?

Anna B. Smith

The different types of kosher multivitamins can include children's vitamins, unique women's blends, and general multivitamins. The different formulas and concentrations of nutrients that may be found are designed to target the specific needs of an individual's body depending on their age, phase of life, or gender. These products may be purchased in local grocery and drug stores, or through Internet ordering.

Taking a kosher multivitamin can provide numerous health benefits.
Taking a kosher multivitamin can provide numerous health benefits.

A vitamin is considered kosher when it has been manufactured in accordance with all Jewish dietary laws. Certain products frequently used in the production of vitamins include gelatin, artificial and natural flavors, and glycerin, among others. Each of these items must meet with standards established by existing Jewish dietary laws so that those who chose to abide by those standards do not accidentally violate their personal ethics and eating habits. Multivitamins that fall into this category are typically labeled with a seal or stamp of approval from local and national kosher certifying bodies.

There are many different varieties of kosher multivitamins available for children. Each product usually contains a broad spectrum of various nutrients and vitamins essential for healthy brain, bone, and muscular growth, such as iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, a B vitamin complex, and vitamin A. Different manufacturers may include larger or smaller concentrations of each type of vitamin, depending on their brand formula. These vitamins are available in liquid, chewable, and pill form, and are often flavored with natural fruit extracts to encourage children to take them. The vitamins do not contain any wheat, gluten, yeast, or dairy.

Kosher multivitamins are also manufactured specifically for women. The different formulas available are often targeted at specific age groups, so that a woman can receive the type of nutrition she needs to benefit her body the most. Prenatal vitamins typically contain high amounts of iron, calcium, a B vitamin complex, and folic acid to help boost the mother's energy and stimulate adequate brain, bone, and tissue development in the fetus. Vitamins for maturing women may not contain any iron or folic acid, so that they are safe to take with other types of doctor prescribed medications. They also may include higher concentrations of vitamins A, C, E, and B12, in which many postmenopausal women become deficient as they age.

Individuals may also find formulas of kosher multivitamins that target other types of needs in their diets. Those who require a boost in energy may benefit from adding a high energy vitamin formula to their daily routine. Men and women who are looking for a general multivitamin that is not age specific can find blends that are gender specific and contain different concentrations of nutrients for either sex.

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