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What Are the Different Types of Kids' Bath Decor?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano

Several types of kids' bath decor can adorn a bathroom from top to bottom. Wallpaper borders stretch around the room near the ceiling, while wall decals add art to the room without damaging the walls. Rugs add a bit of design to a usually plain floor. A shower curtain is essentially an inexpensive and interchangeable mural, and towels can go beyond their initial purpose to serve as shelf or hanging decor. Decorative accessories, including a toothbrush holder, soap dish and baskets, can add the finishing touches to a kids' bathroom.

Wall borders come in many different designs including wording, flowers, toys, trucks and patterns. They can be placed on all the walls flush with the ceiling or flush with a trim that goes across the center of each wall. There are many types of wall decals to choose from. Some, such as glow-in-the-dark stars, are small and can be placed sporadically across one or more walls or across the ceiling, while others are large enough so only one is used. They can get applied, removed and re-applied without causing damage to most wall surfaces, however, they won't stick to wallpapered walls or walls with a significant amount of texture to them.

Colorful towels may be featured in a kid's bathroom.
Colorful towels may be featured in a kid's bathroom.

Rugs are another type of kids' bath decor. Some are square, circle or rectangle with an image or pattern on them, while others are in the form of a specific shape, such as a cartoon character or flower. They come in a variety of sizes, but are typically small in order to fit into many bathrooms without covering too much of the floor.

Although the main purpose of a shower curtain is to keep water from getting all over a floor, it can also serve as a piece of kids' bath decor. They're inexpensive and can easily be changed within minutes. One week the child can have a shower curtain with a favorite animal on it and the following week can put one up that has images of trucks scattered across it.

Larger bath towels are typically not decorative, however, hand towels often have decorative patterns or embellishments on them. Another option is neatly folding or rolling up large plain bath towels and stacking them on a shelf as a version of kids' bath decor. It creates blocks of color, which is especially useful in dark bathrooms or on dark shelves.

Those who want to add touches of color throughout the bathroom while also incorporating extra storage space can use decorative accessories. A toothbrush holder and matching soap dish come in several styles and patterns including polka dots, fish and planets. Baskets and containers in bright colors can serve as kids' bath decor, but are also useful for storing and organizing toiletries and other items. Although they're used as decorative touches, putting out too many might take up too much space and create clutter.

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    • Colorful towels may be featured in a kid's bathroom.
      By: robert lerich
      Colorful towels may be featured in a kid's bathroom.