What Are the Different Types of Job Qualifications?

B. Miller

The specific job qualifications required for different positions will vary, as each employer may require a different amount of skills, education, and experience. There are some general job qualifications, however, that an applicant may choose to include on his or her resume to appear more employable. The first type is education; it is important for an individual to list the highest level of education that he or she has completed, and any degrees earned. Specific work experience is also important to include, including the company, job title and responsibilities, and dates of employment. Personal skills, which may include everything from communication abilities, to typing speed, to the ability to speak a different language, are other types of qualifications.

An executive assistant should have advanced training in office productivity software, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.
An executive assistant should have advanced training in office productivity software, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

For many jobs, education is one of the most important job qualifications to include on a resume. It is generally recommended that an individual does not list high school on his or her resume, unless that is the highest level completed. Otherwise, any type of college education should be included, whether it is finished or not. Specific degrees earned, if applicable, are important job qualifications, and should always be included on a resume as well.

Work experience is equally important when attempting to qualify for a job. Relevant work experience -- such as a job held in an individual's chosen field -- is the best, but any type of work experience can be helpful. This is because the ability to hold a job, and succeed in any position, demonstrates an individual's ability to be responsible, work on a team, and see tasks through to completion. It is important to list specific job responsibilities, as well as any specific projects or examples that go above and beyond the call of duty, in order to appear most qualified for a certain job. Employers want someone who is motivated and responsible.

Other job qualifications include certain skills or certifications an individual might possess. The ability to work well independently, certain skills, such as writing or photography, or the ability to speak a second language, all fall into this category. Exemplary organization or communication skills, knowledge of office equipment, or typing a certain number of words per minute may also be included. For those working in certain fields, additional certifications may be helpful job qualifications as well. For instance, in technology fields, becoming certified as an expert in using a certain computer software program might be a great idea for future employment opportunities.

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