What are the Different Types of Incorporation Fees?

Laura M. Sands

Among the multiple types of incorporation fees are initial filing fees for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and nonprofit corporations. Within each of these, specific fees are charged, such as fees for filing articles of incorporation, for corporate mergers, for interspecies mergers, for name reservations and fees to convert a foreign company to a domestic one or vice versa. If using a business incorporation service, fees for the service may be charged in addition to the fees required by the domicile where a limited company, corporation or other business entity is being chartered.

The type of corporation fees vary according to the country and region where the filing takes place.
The type of corporation fees vary according to the country and region where the filing takes place.

When forming a corporation, the types of incorporation fees will vary according to the country and region where the filing takes place. For this reason, business owners will often deliberately target a certain domicile to take advantage of lower incorporation fees on new charters. Incorporation fees will also differ according to whether or not the business entity in question is a foreign or domestic charter.

Incorporation fees may also be charged by a government agency if additional filings that will accompany an entity are required. These additional fees may be attached to any corrections that need to be made. Also, if a trademark or a service mark is to be filed with any of the entities, a fee will be assessed. This includes any renewal fees for the primary entity or for associated trademarks or service marks.

In cases where a filing needs to be expedited, express services are usually available for an additional fee. Also, if using a business incorporation service or hiring the services of an incorporation lawyer, other fees may be assessed. These fees are all in addition to the incorporation fees required by the governmental agency where the corporation or other business entity is initially being formed.

In most places, fees are also due when defining a designated agent for service for a company. Doing so is necessary in identifying a human being authorized to receive legal paperwork, such as court documents, on the company’s behalf. Such incorporation fees are due at the time of initial filing and in some jurisdictions fees may be charged for officially replacing an agent.

Incorporation fees are not solely confined to chartering a new business entity, however. Fees for dissociating a business partner or denying a partner’s authority are also sometimes necessary. As unique circumstances arise in a company, similar fees for important adjustments may also be assessed.

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