What Are the Different Types of Immigration Papers?

Erik J.J. Goserud

Immigration is the process of moving from one country to another. Tourism and travel are different in that they are rather ephemeral, whereas immigrants tend to make their new country a permanent residence. As one may imagine, this process can be painstakingly difficult, complicated, and time-consuming. One reason for its complexity is the amount of documentation, known as immigration papers, needed to successfully change a nationality. Among these papers may be a visa, passport, green card, medical documentation, and an application for citizenship.

A person who is planning to emigrate will need a valid passport.
A person who is planning to emigrate will need a valid passport.

Immigration papers may refer to the documents needed to enter a country initially or those needed to gain permanent citizenship. There is a difference between the two, so it is important to know which ones are needed. If a person wants to enter a country, he or she usually must do so through a legal port of entry. These may be on a coast, at an airport, or through a bordering country. These entry sites all have departments that deal with immigrants to control the legal aspects of travel. Due to the broad range of entry sites a country has, it is all but impossible to completely control immigration, resulting in the ever-present issue of illegal immigration.

Immigration papers are needed to successfully change a nationality.
Immigration papers are needed to successfully change a nationality.

To initially enter a country, a person usually needs at least a visa and a passport. A passport can be thought of as an international identification card, and a visa is a document stating the lawful reason for entering a country and the intended duration of stay. Failing to present authentic versions of either of these documents will likely make it impossible to enter a country.

Once a person gains legal clearance to enter a country, he or she may need to complete a number of steps to acquire citizenship. This varies based on which nation one is applying to but generally consists of a thorough application for citizenship, successful passing of a test on national knowledge, and proof of residency for a specified amount of time. A green card, which is under the umbrella of immigration papers, is an authorization of the right to live and work in the United States. A person may become a permanent resident without actually becoming a naturalized citizen.

Another addition to necessary immigration papers is usually a comprehensive statement of medical history. To control the spread of potentially harmful diseases, most immigrants must be vaccinated and tested for a variety of ailments. Proof that all necessary tests and procedures have been completed is among the group of immigration papers needed. Citizenship and residency are not synonymous. A person wanting to immigrate to another country should consult his or her embassy and the embassy of the country to which he or she is going for specific requirements of immigration papers.

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