What Are the Different Types of Home Office Chairs?

Dan Cavallari

Many of the same chairs that can be used in the office can also be used in the home office, though some chairs may not be appropriate for use with the work surface the home office worker intends to use. Executive home office chairs tend to be the largest and most comfortable, but also the most expensive. Secretary chairs are smaller, less expensive, and sometimes less supportive than other types of home office chairs. Mesh back chairs are becoming increasingly popular because they allow breathability, and some ergonomic chairs may even feature no seat back at all for more ergonomic positioning.

Desks and computer chairs are necessary home office furnishings.
Desks and computer chairs are necessary home office furnishings.

The types of home office chairs a homeowner or renter should consider for the home will depend on how much time he or she intends to spend in that office, and what types of activities will be done there. Ergonomic home office chairs are becoming increasingly popular because they offer lumbar spine support, neck and shoulder support, and better positioning for working at a computer. These chairs tend to be highly adjustable so users of different body sizes and shapes can find a comfortable positions easily. Some ergonomic chairs feature no seat back at all; the user will sit on a tilted platform that positions the knees on a knee platform. This keeps the spine straighter and the body in a more neutral position.

Aesthetics can certainly be important when choosing among the many home office chairs on the market. High-end executive chairs tend to be made from wood and leather, creating a pleasing aesthetic that can also be quite comfortable. Lower-end executive chairs are likely to be less expensive because they will feature plastic parts and blended leather rather than high-grade leather. These chairs can be just as comfortable, though they may not be as attractive or durable.

Mesh chairs are also quite popular because they breathe well. Sitting in home office chairs for long periods of time can become uncomfortable due to perspiration, so mesh chairs eliminate or reduce the uncomfortable feeling of sweat build-up on the skin. These chairs also tend to be lighter weight, making them easy to move around an office space easily. Executive chairs may feature mesh backs, as can secretary chairs, which tend to be smaller and often lack arm rests. Some secretary chairs do feature armrests, though such models will tend to cost more money.

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