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What Are the Different Types of Home Learning Resources?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera

Some of the different types of home learning resources are Internet websites, books, and online teachers. A significant amount of knowledge can be gained by using educational websites offered by local or foreign schools, private companies, and individuals. In addition, books are among the most traditional type of home learning resources and remain popular in physical and digital form. Seekers of knowledge can also benefit from enrolling in reputable online schools and interacting with professors through email and web camera. Some of these resources are completely free, while others may be so expensive that many students will require student loans or grants.

Websites can provide free home learning resources on a nearly infinite variety of subjects. Many educational institutions, such as museums and universities, offer multimedia educational resources to the world via the Internet. Other educational websites are geared toward replacing or augmenting a traditional classroom environment through materials that are similar to textbooks and videos. Some other real world institutions, such as TV stations and news organizations, serve educational materials regarding facts, current events, and history to the general public. Generally, a wide variety of real world and purely Internet-based websites exist to provide home learning resources to the public or their customers.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

As a traditional educational resource, books can be borrowed from a local library or purchased online or in brick-and-mortar stores. In some cases, they can also be downloaded to a computer or portable reading device. Sometimes books are the primary home learning resources required to complete a course, but they can be expensive. It is fairly common for higher education textbooks to be updated every year or two with new information and different questions and answers, preventing students from using older versions of the same book. If ordered from an online school, the school may send paperback books and workbooks that are for the student to keep, make notes on, and use as a reference when taking online tests.

Online teachers are a lot like traditional teachers in that they must know the material, be licensed, and be responsive to students who need help. Some organizations also require teachers to take online classes to use their experience to better their online teaching methods. Potential students can interact with online teachers once they have enrolled in a distance learning program and chosen their courses. A computer, stable Internet connection, and sometimes a web camera is required when using these types of home learning resources. These teachers might also have on-site classes available that students may switch between if they desire, depending on the school and its policies.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book