What are the Different Types of Home Awnings?

Diane Goettel

There are three main types of home awnings. There are home awnings that fit over the upper parts of windows that are used to shade the rooms within. There are also awnings that are used to cover the area around a doorway. The third kind of home awnings are used to cover areas where residents take their leisure such as patios, courtyards, decks, and back porches. Awnings that are used to cover windows are normally installed in sets that either cover all of the windows of the house, all of the windows on one side of the house, or all of the windows on one level of the house. Home awnings that cover doorways or outdoor leisure areas, on the other hand, are often individual to each house.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The main differences among home awnings for doorways and windows have to do with the size, shape, and color of the awnings. While some awnings are rather shallow, others extend quite a ways away from the house. This is especially true for awnings that cover large doorways. There are rounded awnings and awnings that are more rectangular in their shape. Finally, awnings come in many colors and even a few patterns, stripes being one of the most common patterns for home awnings.

Home awnings that are used to cover areas in the back yard and poolside areas may be stationary or retractable. A stationary awning is much like awnings that cover doors and windows, meaning that they are only moved when they are installed, stored, or replaced. A retractable awning, however, allows residents to enjoy an area when it is bathed in full sunlight or when it is shaded by the awning. A retractable awning is attached to the side of the house much in the same way that a stationary awning is. It comes equipped with a simple system that allows residents to extend or retract the awning cover.

In most cases, people who have multiple kinds of home awnings on their houses have one company install all of them. Even if the awnings are installed or replaced at different times, using the same company means having consistency in the color, pattern, and material that is used in each kind of awning. For best results, have each type of home awning installed at the same time. This will help with consistency of color as some fading is bound to occur over time.

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