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What Are the Different Types of Gray Hair Treatments?

Helena Reimer
Helena Reimer

There are several types of gray hair treatments, such as hair dyes, which can help in temporarily covering gray hair. Shampoos and lotions are also used to help bring out a more natural color. Gray hair treatments, including Chinese remedies and some creams, claim to be effective at reversing gray hair. The causes of gray hair are primarily linked to age and genetics but have also been linked to stress and toxins.

Gray hair occurs when the body begins to slow down the production of melanin. This is the substance that gives the hair its color and is excreted into the hair cells during the early stages of development. Production decreases with age, which then results in gray and white hair.

A hair dyeing kit.
A hair dyeing kit.

Dyeing gray hair with either a permanent or semipermanent hair dye is a good hair treatment to temporarily hide the gray. The semipermanent dyes wash out after several weeks and are able to provide the hair with a more natural look. They are suitable for covering up the early stages of gray hair but do not work so well in the later stages because gray hair tends to resist the absorption of these dyes. Permanent hair dyes, on the other hand, do not wash out and are more readily absorbed by the gray hair. As a result, they are quite effective at covering gray hair but need to be reapplied on a regular basis in order to hide the gray roots.

Permanent hair dye is preferred for covering up gray hairs.
Permanent hair dye is preferred for covering up gray hairs.

Even though there is no scientific proof that gray hair treatments are effective for reversing gray hair, there are some Chinese remedies and gray hair products that are said to work. Their claim is that they are able to increase blood flow and nutrient absorption, which then stimulates the production of melanin. These products range from creams and sprays to herbal supplements. The effectiveness of these gray hair treatments can be seen in several weeks and can last for several years until all gray hair is eliminated.

Whether or not gray hair treatments work, there are certain factors that can help in preventing gray hair. Premature gray hair has been linked to cigarette smoke and harsh chemicals. Therefore, avoiding those toxins and other environmental pollutions can help to maintain a youthful hair color. Stress is another factor that might contribute to gray hair because it has been linked to hormone imbalances, which can potentially interfere with the production of melanin.

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    • A hair dyeing kit.
      By: Tim
      A hair dyeing kit.
    • Permanent hair dye is preferred for covering up gray hairs.
      By: Valua Vitaly
      Permanent hair dye is preferred for covering up gray hairs.