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What Are the Different Types of Genital Cosmetic Surgery?

Amanda Barnhart
Amanda Barnhart

Genital cosmetic surgery is performed for many different reasons, ranging from the aesthetic to medically corrective. There are several different types of genital cosmetic surgery for both men and women. These can include penile enhancements, labiaplsty, and hymenoplasty. Vaginal reconstruction and gender reassignment surgery are also performed in some cases. As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, patients considering surgery should consult with their surgeons about any questions or concerns.

Penile enhancements are the most common types of genital cosmetic surgery for men. There are several different types of penile enhancements men can undergo, but most of them are for aesthetic purposes. Prosthetics can help enlarge or elongate the penis or fat injections may be used to thicken the shaft. Some cosmetic surgeons perform lengthening operations by cutting a ligament in the pubic area that suspends the male genitals. Men can also opt for cosmetic testicular implants to create an even appearance after the loss of a testicle.

Genital cosmetic surgery can be either for aesthetic or medical reasons.
Genital cosmetic surgery can be either for aesthetic or medical reasons.

Women’s genital cosmetic surgery procedures typically focus on altering the labia or vagina in some way. In some cases, these kinds of procedures are performed for aesthetic reasons, or to enhance sexual pleasure from tightening the vaginal muscles, though some women choose to have labiaplasties or vaginal reconstruction surgeries to minimize discomfort during sexual intercourse or pain from the labia rubbing on clothing. Some cosmetic surgeons perform hymenoplasties on women who want to “restore” physical virginity.

Gender reassignment surgery, also referred to as a sex change operation, is another type of genital cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons who perform gender reassignment surgeries typically consult with their patients for several months or even years before agreeing to perform the operation. Patients who undergo gender reassignment surgery may have other cosmetic procedures performed at the same time, such as breast augmentations or liposuction, and they often undergo hormone therapy as well.

While rare, some people are born with genital deformities or defects that require genital cosmetic surgery to correct. For example, a child born with ambiguous genitalia may opt to undergo a cosmetic procedure to make the genitals look more naturally male or female. Surgery for this type of defect is typically done later in life. Only severe deformities that could cause severe pain or other medical problems are surgically corrected on young children.

Aesthetic surgeries on the genitals are very controversial among some people and viewpoints vary in different areas of the world. Not every cosmetic surgeon is comfortable or skilled enough to perform sensitive genital procedures, so it is important for people considering this type of surgery to find an experienced surgeon. Cosmetic surgeries are often very expensive and it can be very difficult to correct any problems that arise as part of the surgery, so patients should think their choices over carefully when it comes to surgeries on sensitive areas.

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    • Genital cosmetic surgery can be either for aesthetic or medical reasons.
      By: Gennadiy Poznyakov
      Genital cosmetic surgery can be either for aesthetic or medical reasons.