What are the Different Types of Gas Mini Bikes?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Adults often use gas mini bikes for racing.
Adults often use gas mini bikes for racing.

Gas mini bikes are tiny versions of motorcycles meant for smaller children or for racing by both adults and children. The most common gas mini bikes feature two-stroke engines that can range anywhere from 25-100 cc; the body styles range from street racing bikes to moto bikes, as well as the less common chopper bikes. The style and size of gas mini bikes will vary depending on the intended use; some bikes are designed specifically for racing, while others are meant for recreation. Some of the less powerful versions are meant specifically for children, while more powerful and stouter versions are built for racing by adults and larger children.

The most popular gas mini bikes mimic the style of Grand Prix racing bikes or street bikes. These bikes are small and sleek, and they are designed to be aerodynamic and fast. The engines will range in power depending on the buyer's preferences, and these bikes can be raced just like their larger cousins. While the bikes themselves are quite small, the performance is still high; many versions of these bikes can reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour (88.5 kilometers per hour), and riders should be careful to wear proper safety equipment such as helmets and gloves while riding these machines.

Another popular version of gas mini bikes is the mini moto bike. These bikes mimic the style and function of full sized motocross bikes, and they are commonly used for both recreation and racing. Racing these bikes, in fact, has become quite popular and race leagues have spawned as a result of the popularity of mini moto bikes. Mini quad bikes have also become popular for both recreation and racing; these types of gas mini bikes feature four wheels instead of two, just like large quads. Quads are more stable than two-wheeled bikes, though they can also be quite powerful.

Mini chopper bikes have also become popular as more of a show bike for the neighborhood or campground. These bikes mimic the style of full-sized chopper bikes, though they are not often street legal because of the small size and likelihood that a motorist would not see the small bike. Like the other types of gas mini bikes, the chopper mini bike is based off of the pit bike, which is a small motorcycle meant for maneuvering around the pit area at races. These bikes were often made from spare parts and were easily stored in garages or on trailers.

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    • Adults often use gas mini bikes for racing.
      By: llandrea
      Adults often use gas mini bikes for racing.