What are the Different Types of Floor Lamps?

Sherry Holetzky

Floor lamps are great for brightening up a dark corner, adding "height" to a space, and bringing in additional task or ambient lighting. They are portable and easy to move from one area to another, for example if you wish to place one next to a favorite reading chair or move one into the conversation area when you have guests. Floor lamps are also very stylish and can be used to help create a sense of balance in a room. If tall pieces are used in one section, a floor lamp on the other side of the room will help bring balance.

Floor lamps may incorporate rice paper into the design.
Floor lamps may incorporate rice paper into the design.

You can find floor lamps in nearly any style you can imagine. Some of the most popular styles are Art Deco, Contemporary, Country, Craftsman, Mission, Modern, Traditional, Retro, Rustic and Tropical. There are floor lamps to coordinate with nearly any decor. Floor lamps offer a variety of lighting elements, including halogen and incandescent. They can be used for different lighting purposes such as ambient lighting, up lighting, spot lighting artwork, and task lighting.

Floor lamps can be found in nearly any style imaginable.
Floor lamps can be found in nearly any style imaginable.

You can find floor lamps online and everywhere from department stores and home improvement centers to fine furniture and lighting shops. They come in many colors, textures and finishes such as chrome, glass, metal, Plexiglas, wood and wrought iron. Some incorporate fabric or rice paper into the design to create large freestanding lantern-style floor lamps.

You can also find very versatile styles of floor lamps, such as the counter balance or swing arm design. These styles are quite functional and allow you to move the lighting element to the most effective position. Floor lamps also serve other functions, such as supplying extra light for reading, and there are designs that come complete with a magazine rack attached to the lamp stand.

Most floor lamps are sold alone and do not come with shades or bulbs, so make sure that the shade you hope to purchase is compatible with the lamp you select and the bulbs you need are readily available. There are nearly as many shade styles to choose from as there are lamp styles, including glass, leather, linen, mica, rawhide and stained glass. Whether you need floor lamps for function or simply for style, there is something available to suit every taste.

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There is a very wide assortment of floor lamps available at most furniture stores. I have decorated with a very modern look and adding some contemporary floor lamps was an easy purchase to shop for.

There were so many unique styles and colors to choose from, that I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites. I have these floor lamps by the sofa - one in the family room and one in the den. The extra lighting comes in handy for reading and gives extra light to the room on dreary days.


I have a very functional floor lamp that has very bright lighting and is perfect for reading or craft work. I usually keep this lamp by the desk in my office to give extra light when I am on my computer.

Using floor lamps for lighting can make a big difference if you don't have very good overhead lighting. Some family rooms don't even have overhead lights, so extra lighting like this is crucial.

If I am going to be working on a craft at the table, I will move this lamp to that area so I can benefit from the extra light for close up work.

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