What Are the Different Types of Fitness Gadgets?

Amanda R. Bell
Amanda R. Bell
Pedometers measure how many steps a person takes.
Pedometers measure how many steps a person takes.

There are several different types of fitness gadgets on the market that can make working out effectively easier and more fun. One of the most popular items is a digital music player that works with a person’s exercise routine, often with programs that help provide motivation. Special sensors that are placed in the bottom of exercise shoes can help to monitor activity levels. Other trackers, including heart rate monitors and pedometers, are also popular, and even scales have turned into fitness gadgets.

Runners often use an MP3 player and music to keep them motivated.
Runners often use an MP3 player and music to keep them motivated.

While used by most avid exercisers, digital music players are available that do more than play music. Some will monitor a person’s activity level and heart rate, and then choose songs from the library to match the intensity of the workout. Others only work when a person is in motion, which can be especially useful for runners, as the music will automatically stop when the person stops, providing extra motivation to push towards goals. Another good motivation is a fitness coach program which provides encouragement while working out or even create an individualized exercise routine.

Sensors that can be inserted into the bottom of shoes can help to monitor fitness levels and track goals. These fitness gadgets typically keep track of the amount of time exercised, the speed maintained, and the distance traveled. More advance models even have the capability of automatically uploading the results to an exercise log on a computer, providing detailed information on a person’s progress.

Heart rate monitors are one of the most popular and well-known fitness gadgets available. These small devices strap on to a person’s arm and monitor the pulse, which can then be translated into calories burned. A heart rate monitor can be especially beneficial to those who favor interval training. It can be used to determine when a person reaches his or her resting heart rate and target heart rate, keeping a balance between the intervals.

Pedometers are also popular fitness gadgets. These trackers keep a log of how many steps a person takes, translating this information into an overall activity statistic and calories burned. Higher-end models also include something termed a "laziness buzzer." When a person is resting for too long, the pedometer sets off an alarm, letting him or her know that it’s time to get up and move.

Newer scales have also turned themselves into fitness gadgets. Not only do these high-end devices weigh a person, but they also include Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows the information to automatically transfer to a person’s computer, where it can be stored in a fitness database. This helps to keep track of progress and mark goal milestones with ease.

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It's amazing how much technology has gone into these different types of fitness gadgets and fitness equipment. I remember when the only exercise gadget you used was a watch with a second hand. My boyfriend in high school was on the track team and his parents bought him a running watch for his birthday. He was so excited because he could time his runs.

Today, when I go into a work-out center exercise room, I feel like I should have a special degree or special certification to operate the exercise machines.


@Drentel - I totally disagree with what you said about it being better to think of workouts as something that is supposed to be difficult. I want my workouts to be fun, and I don't see why they shouldn't be fun. After all, I am not in he military and going through basic training.

When I have fun while I am working out the time goes by much more quickly, and I don't get stressed out about how much longer I have to go before I can quit and go back home and rest. Also, I am much more likely to continue exercising when the exercise is something I enjoy. Exercise only works if you stick with it, and if the exercise is really hard then I won't stick with the routines, so that wouldn't do me any good.


Some of these "cool" gadgets sound like a waste of time and money to me. Getting into shape isn't necessarily supposed to be fun. When is the last time you saw a movie about the military and the guys in basic training were saying "These five mile runs and all of these push-ups are so much fun"?

When you have to work at getting into shape, and the process is a struggle for you then you appreciate the outcome of your work that much more. Go into your workouts with the attitude that you are going to work and not going to play, and you will have better results. However, I can see the benefits of the fitness gadgets that measure things like your heart rate and the calories you are burning.

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    • Pedometers measure how many steps a person takes.
      By: Picture-Factory
      Pedometers measure how many steps a person takes.
    • Runners often use an MP3 player and music to keep them motivated.
      By: Csák István
      Runners often use an MP3 player and music to keep them motivated.