What Are the Different Types of Feta Appetizers?

Eugene P.

There are many feta appetizers that both highlight the taste of the cheese and lend themselves to ornate presentations. Feta is often used in appetizers as a topping, being sprinkled over the surface of fruits and vegetables. It can be served on its own on a plate, covered in spices and olive oil. The cheese can be cut without being crumbled and wrapped inside finger foods or melted in an oven. There are even feta appetizers in which the cheese is marinated for a time before being added to a dish.

Many feta appetizers include prosciutto.
Many feta appetizers include prosciutto.

A few varieties of feta cheese are commonly available. One of these is feta that is packed in brine, providing a moist cheese with a very salty bite. Another type is feta that has been pressed, or strained from the brine water, shortening its shelf life but providing a firmer cheese. Some feta is even sold already crumbled so it is easy to grab and use. All versions will crumble with enough pressure, but certain forms of the cheese can sometimes be more appropriate for some feta appetizers.

Chopped Greek salad with feta, olives, and tomatoes.
Chopped Greek salad with feta, olives, and tomatoes.

The most basic type of feta appetizers involve laying down a fruit or vegetable to act as a platter and then sprinkling the cheese over top. This can be accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil, kosher salt or balsamic vinegar. Some ideas are slices of toasted bread, endive leaves, apple slices or watermelon slices. The appetizer can be garnished with a sprig of mint or parsley.

There are feta appetizers that call for the cheese to be baked until it has melted. One simple example is to use either a small ramekin or a pouch made from aluminum foil. The feta cheese is placed in the bottom of the container, followed by a slice of tomato, some garlic, oregano and a few red pepper flakes. Olive oil is drizzled over the pouch and it is baked until the feta has melted. These can be served on a plate, in a small dish or directly in the ramekin.

One of the more decorative of the feta appetizers is to roll it into a finger food. This can involve wrapping a solid piece of feta cheese inside prosciutto along with a basil leaf. The feta and basil get a splash of olive oil before being rolled into the prosciutto and then sliced in half to make small, bite-size pieces.

In the event that certain feta appetizers need more depth of flavor, the cheese can be marinated before being used. The cheese can be placed in olive oil that contains rosemary, cloves, salt, pepper and lemon zest. After some time, the feta will take on a unique flavor that can complement other ingredients in the appetizer that have a strong or greasy taste.

Fresh feta is often served simply, drizzled with olive oil and spices.
Fresh feta is often served simply, drizzled with olive oil and spices.

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