What are the Different Types of Endangered Birds?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Bird watching is a hobby that many people enjoy. There are, however, some species of birds that are at risk of becoming extremely rare or completely disappearing. Endangered birds can be found around the world and include species such as the Norfolk Island green parrot, the crested shelduck, and the gorgeted puffleg.

The Hawaiian stilt’s native name is Ae‘o, which means one standing tall. Its names come from the fact that these endangered birds have long, thin pink legs that help boost their height to about 15 inches (38 cm). According to the Fish & Wildlife Service, this bird was placed on the endangered list in 1970 when the wetlands that compose its native habitat were being altered.

The Norfolk Islands is home to one of the world’s endangered birds. The Norfolk Island green parrot, commonly referred to as the Norfolk parakeet, is believed to have a population that is almost completely limited to the Norfolk Island National Park. These birds are characterized by their green bodies and red crowns. They usually live in the forest, making homes in ironwood trees.

The wandering albatross is one of the largest flying birds. As an adult, the bird's wingspan extends beyond all other birds. A wandering albatross is usually brown at birth but turns white as it ages. Its wings are outlined in black. Although male and females mate for life, the female only lays one egg at a time, which takes approximately two months and two weeks to hatch.

The crested shelduck is one of the world’s critically endangered birds. This means its population is very low and the threat of extinction is very real. These birds have a green tuft of feathers on their heads. Their red bills and legs are also characteristics that make them easily identifiable. It is believed that the limited number of this rare species is confined to China.

The gorgeted puffleg is another of the world’s critically endangered birds. These birds, which are believed to be limited to Colombia’s Serrania del Pinche forests, were not discovered until 2005. This hummingbird is characterized by bold combinations of blue and black. Its population is believed to be threatened in large part by the destruction of forests for the production of cocaine.

The Puerto Rican parrot is a third species on the list of critically endangered birds. This species is characterized emerald green feathers and wide white rings around its eyes. According to Audubon, this bird's population was only 13 in 1975. In the 21st century, its population has remained critically low. It is hoped that intervention methods will save the species and help bolster its numbers so it can eventually be removed from the list of endangered animals.

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