What Are the Different Types of Electric Clippers?

David Bishop
David Bishop
Nose hair clippers are a common type of electric clipper.
Nose hair clippers are a common type of electric clipper.

Electric clippers are a grooming device used to trim hair from various areas of the body. Some clippers are designed as all-purpose devices, while others are specifically designed to groom certain areas. These devices can be purchased in corded or cordless models. People who use electric clippers on a daily or weekly basis to trim their hair may wish to invest in a more robust professional model.

All-purpose electric clippers are useful devices that allow users to trim hair from almost any area of the body. These clippers typically are packaged along with various adapters that allow the device to perform general grooming and specific tasks such as trimming facial hair. All-purpose clippers also can be used to trim unwanted body hair in other areas. While these devices are among the most versatile types of clippers, they can be more expensive than specialized devices and must be cleaned regularly to keep hair from accumulating in the area where the adapters attach to the device. Consumers can choose from cordless or corded devices, depending on their personal preference.

Some electric clippers are designed for very specific grooming tasks, such as trimming beards and mustaches or nose hairs. These clippers may be smaller than other models to trim the small and delicate areas around the lips and nose. These models are appropriate for users who have specific grooming needs and may not need the versatility of a larger device. Smaller electric clippers also can be packaged into kits along with larger devices to meet all of a consumer's grooming needs in one package.

Professional hair clippers typically are more powerful and more expensive models used by barbers and hair stylists in their daily work. Most of these models are corded, because they are intended to be in constant use and may feature more durable cutting blades in their design. While these products generally are beyond the needs of most consumers, users who keep their hair closely trimmed or want to save money on children's haircuts may find benefit in investing in one of these devices.

Electric clippers also can be found as an attachment to electric shaving devices. While these types of clippers are not as robust or versatile as some other models, they can be used for minor grooming tasks without the expense of purchasing a dedicated device. Consumers may wish to consider these attachments when considering purchasing new electric trimming or shaving devices.

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    • Nose hair clippers are a common type of electric clipper.
      Nose hair clippers are a common type of electric clipper.