What Are the Different Types of Educational Consultant Jobs?

C.B. Fox

There are many different types of educational consultant jobs, though most focus on matching students to appropriate schools. Consultants are often hired by families to help pick out a primary or secondary school or university that is a good match for the student. It is also possible for consultants to focus on students with special needs or on a specific aspect of teaching, either consulting with families or with educators.

An educational consultant may help parents choose a charter or private school that is a good fit for the youngster.
An educational consultant may help parents choose a charter or private school that is a good fit for the youngster.

One of the most common types of educational consultant jobs helps people to match up a particular student with a school that is a good fit. Though most students in primary and secondary schools go to a public school that is near to them geographically, there are many options in education and other ways to select schools. Consultants will start by interviewing the student and the student's parents to determine what they are looking for in a school. Students may also be tested by consultants to determine where their strengths and weaknesses lie. People with these kinds of educational consultant jobs then let students and their parents know which private or charter schools would be good matches.

It is also possible for consultants to help students find appropriate universities. These educational consultant jobs are similar to those that cover primary and secondary school, but they may also require that the consultant be familiar with the university application process. Consultants may not only match a student to a school but may also help with the essay, application and letters of recommendation. He or she may recommend which courses to take in high school and indicate which extracurricular activities will give the student an edge when applying to universities.

Educational consultant jobs that focus on students with special needs are also available. A consultant may be brought in when a student is first identified as a special needs student, in order to provide support to the family. The consultant may help explain what the family's and the student's rights are and may answer any questions the family has. In some cases, a student who has special needs may be given alternate lessons or more time on tests, while in other cases, students may receive individualized instruction. Special education consultants will help explain exactly what the student is entitled to.

Educational consultants may also work extensively with teachers and schools. Consultants can work with educators to create lesson plans, to develop curriculum or to better serve a student's special needs. These consultants are often experts in specific fiends such as special education, speech therapy or best practices in education.

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