What are the Different Types of Drainage Services?

Rhonda Rivera

Drainage services can cover the maintenance or repair of household plumbing, machinery, or storm drains. Clogged kitchen sinks, toilets, or bathtubs generally fall under household plumbing. Machinery that might require drainage services include dishwashers and clothes washing machines. Storm drains typically call for someone specialized in sewer systems rather than everyday residential or commercial problems. In addition, some fields or backyards require the installation of drainage systems to prevent water from building up on low-level ground.

Drainage services may cover the maintenance or repair of storm drains.
Drainage services may cover the maintenance or repair of storm drains.

The most typical type of drainage service is that of the plumber. Plumbers are generally called in to correct everyday household drainage problems, like a clogged toilet that cannot be fixed with a plunger or a kitchen sink that drains slowly. These professionals might charge by the hour or have set fees depending on the problem. In addition to dealing with residential problems, a plumber might be on call to quickly resolve a commercial business’s plumbing problems. Some businesses even have plumbers or someone knowledgeable about plumbing on hand.

Drainage service can include maintaining or repairing household plumbing.
Drainage service can include maintaining or repairing household plumbing.

Sometimes, drainage services also cover certain types of machinery. For example, dishwashers are usually connected to the building’s plumbing system to drain and if one stops draining, a plumber is called to help. Not all plumbers are experienced with household machinery, however; in some cases, someone who specializes in dishwashers or washing machines must be called instead. This is especially true if the machine itself is clogged rather than a drainage pipe connected to it.

Storm drains collect water from highways, neighborhoods, and other places water might collect if not for a system in place to prevent collection. These drains often collect poor-quality water, such as water mixed with gasoline from roads or fertilizers from a nearby farm. Drainage services keep up storm drains, clearing out litter both accidentally and purposely placed there. The professionals that clean these drains occasionally find murder weapons, dirty diapers, and other miscellaneous items.

Other drainage services can install and maintain drains on residential or commercial property to quickly clear out rainwater. These services are often necessary for homeowners with basements to prevent flooding. Even a drain on residential property should be cleaned every now and then to remove litter, dirt, and roots. If not properly maintained, rainwater can build up and eventually cause damage by flooding the basement. Some homeowners choose to maintain such a drain themselves, while others prefer hiring a professional to do it.

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