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What Are the Different Types of Customer Relationship Management Jobs?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Customer relationship management refers to the practice of locating potential clients and successfully marketing products and services to them. It normally requires use of computer programs that enable to users to record, access, and share intelligence regarding customers. Some common customer relationship management jobs are sales managers, market analysts, and Information Technology (IT) professionals who specialize in developing and optimizing customer relationship management software. Professionals who have customer relationship management jobs may work in sales departments, consultant firms, and in IT departments and firms. While the responsibilities of these positions vary greatly, customer relationship professionals all use digitally stored data to improve services they offer to their clients.

Sales managers have customer relationship management jobs in which they interact directly with clients. These professionals often have years of experience selling products in certain industries. They might use customer relationship management software to review client histories prior to going to out into the field. It also is common for sales managers to use customer relationship intelligence, such as the spending habits of certain client demographics.

Sales managers interact directly with clients.
Sales managers interact directly with clients.

Marketing analysts also do work that is informed by customer relationship management. These customer relationship management jobs require professionals to gather and organize data regarding individual demographics all over the world. For example, an analyst might want to know how best to sell items to a professional class in a dense urban area. He or she can use customer relationship technology to access sales records which might help an analyst to predict future behaviors.

Customer relationship management jobs in the IT sector tend to be the most technical. These professionals can be responsible for the architecture of customer management intelligence systems. They also might optimize systems and implement them into businesses' current systems. Data custodians are responsible for managing digital data, granting access to privileged professionals, and erasing data that is no longer accurate or relevant.

The education and career paths taken by people with customer relationship management jobs depend on the fields in which they work. A sales manager, for example, may need only to complete an undergraduate degree in business. Most of his or her training might come in the form of hands-on work experience. A marketing analyst, on the other hand, can benefit from a graduate education where he or she can learn about research and statistical analysis. IT professionals who have customer relationship management jobs must also go through considerable training to learn about the designs and uses of this business intelligence software.

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    • Sales managers interact directly with clients.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Sales managers interact directly with clients.