What are the Different Types of Curriculum Vitae?

A. Rohlandt
A. Rohlandt
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

There are four main types of curriculum vitae (CV), and the most widely used is the chronological CV. Other types include the functional, performance, and targeted CV. The online CV is another modern type of CV that is used in online applications or wherever the CV will be sent electronically.

The chronological CV is best for highlighting the amount of time spent at each job. It is also used when someone has stayed within the same industry for most of his or her career. This type of CV emphasizes the chronological aspect of work experience, so if there are no gaps in the work history and an individual has worked his way up in his chosen field, then the chronological curriculum vitae is a good choice.

A functional CV focuses on skills and abilities, regardless of the field worked in or the companies worked for. This type of curriculum vitae works well for someone with a lot of experience and a variety of skills who has not stayed within one industry. It is also useful for someone who wants to enter a different field, placing emphasis on the applicant's skills, and how they can be used in the position he or she is applying for.

Performance CVs are generally used when an applicant wants to highlight his or her accomplishments, rather than work experience or the companies he or she worked for. This type of curriculum vitae is a good choice for someone who wants to point out awards or achievements within a company. Someone who has performed well throughout his career could benefit from using this type of CV.

The targeted CV is a combination of the performance and functional CV, set apart by being targeted to a specific position. An applicant using this format would only list work experience, skills, and achievements that are relevant to the position he or she is applying for. This type of CV is a good choice for showing a potential employer that someone is a good fit, without having to include potentially irrelevant information.

The online CV is usually a shorter document, as it is often designed for viewing on a computer. A simple layout and an easy-to-read font should be used for this type of CV. It is a brief and easy-to-read document, and wording is the key element. With, this type of CV, the wording is what gets a potential employer's attention, as position-specific keywords in the title and descriptions are what make this curriculum vitae stand out from the rest.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase