What Are the Different Types of Cupcake Containers?

Andrew Kirmayer

Cupcakes can be eaten for desert or a snack, and are often featured at parties such as birthdays and weddings. Regardless of what the foods are used for, the proper cupcake containers are often important depending on the setting. The choices for packaging include boxes for several products, trays, and individual boxes, and each of these can be made of cardboard or plastic. They can also feature clear material throughout or in one area to make the cupcakes visible. Whether they are gourmet cupcakes or homemade, the type of container can depend on the size of the food and the design of the casing required.

A frosted cupcake.
A frosted cupcake.

Many boxes hold from two to four individual treats, and these cupcake containers are often used for presenting a gift to a friend. Other types of boxes can be for just one individual item. These are often each designed separately and serve as party souvenirs. Sometimes a cardboard box format is more appropriate, while many people choose plastic, which is sometimes in the form of dome containers. Trays are usually suited for mini cupcakes and can hold up to a dozen; these often look similar to what ice cubes are held in.

After baking cupcakes, one can put them into a paper container, with a baking sheet on the bottom. The paper variety is often used for muffins, as well. These containers can be used to line a metal tray during cooking; even these come in a variety of materials. Many are made of paper, but some are designed with foil, silver, or gold. Foil containers are generally self-supporting so a metal case is not typically required when baking.

Cupcake containers for presenting the delicacies can come with a variety of designs. Floral patterns are popular and boxes can have polka dots or pinstripes. Common colors for cupcake containers often include pink, white, or brown, and the clear windows can be different sizes and shapes as well. The design is sometimes a matter of personal taste or appropriate to the occasion, especially for a house party. Businesses such as bakeries, however, often stick with a particular motif to use as a trademark.

Often available over the Internet, cupcake containers can be sold wholesale. Bakery suppliers sometimes use this method because businesses order the containers in bulk, so minimum quantities often have to be purchased. Other suppliers can cater to home-based customers who enjoy making cupcakes. Such products are often inexpensive and can be customized to individual needs.

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