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What Are the Different Types of Consumer Advertising?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

The different types of consumer advertising are all defined based on what is being promoted. Consumer advertising can promote a specific product, a brand, or an entire corporation. It is also possible for this kind of advertising to promote retail businesses, services, and cooperative efforts between two different products or brands. The one factor that all of these types of advertising have in common is that they are aimed at consumers. One type of consumer advertising that is typically monitored by regulatory agencies is pharmaceutical marketing, since some drug companies choose to market directly to consumers instead of to doctors and other medical professionals.

Consumer advertising is a variety of marketing strategies that address the end users of various products and services. It is possible for a consumer to be either an individual person or a company, so many types of advertising can fit this description. All kinds advertising media can used for these types of marketing, including broadcast, print, outdoor, and direct mail. The one common factor is the target of the advertising.

Cosmetics advertising is one type of consumer advertising.
Cosmetics advertising is one type of consumer advertising.

The most common type of consumer advertising exists to promote specific products. When an ad for a product runs on a television or in a newspaper, it represents this kind of advertising. Another related form is referred to as range advertising. These ads are typically for a group of related products, such as a line of cosmetics, instead of one particular item. Brand advertising is another similar concept.

Retail advertising is a type of business or corporate promotion that seeks to draw consumers to stores. This type of consumer advertising often promotes individual products as well, but the main point is to generate business for a particular retail establishment. Attractive prices for specific items are often used as a selling point to draw in customers, though many other techniques can be used as well.

In addition to ads for specific products and businesses, generic advertising is another consumer oriented marketing strategy. Generic advertising is usually paid for by a consortium of producers, manufacturers, or growers. These ads may promote a particular type of meat, grain, or vegetable, though they can also cover products such as cotton.

Business to business marketing is a type of consumer advertising that deals with very specific market segments. This kind of advertising rarely appears in traditional print or broadcast media, since the consumers that are being targeted are actually businesses. Trade magazines and direct mail are usually employed to ensure that the correct types of businesses are targeted for this variety of advertising.

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Many companies, especially cosmetic brands, have recently discovered giveaways as a form of consumer advertising and marketing. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and blog sites are often used. I think it's a cool idea.


@bear78-- I think you like creative advertising, I do too.

There is a butter brand in India that has been running a very creative advertising format for many decades now. They basically make cartoons featuring the butter character in ways relating to current topics. The topic could be politics, sports and even films. When a popular new film is out, the cartoon features the film characters eating butter or praising the brand. The headline of the ad is also about the topic.

Consumers relate to these ads immediately because the topic is current and often controversial. The ads are always very funny, cute and creative. It's one of the best advertising ideas I have come across.


Although I find advertising on the radio annoying, I do think that it's effective. When I'm stuck in traffic, my only entertainment is the radio. Although I watch many commercials on TV at home, radio advertisements seem to affect me more, especially the ones with music and songs. Those types of advertisements often get stuck in my head and I find myself humming it later. I think it's a very interesting way to market a product.

Also, if the product is something that I can get at a gas station, I really do end up buying it just out of curiosity.

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    • Cosmetics advertising is one type of consumer advertising.
      By: jorgophotography
      Cosmetics advertising is one type of consumer advertising.