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What Are the Different Types of Consulting Pharmacist Jobs?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh

There are consulting pharmacist jobs in many areas of the healthcare industry. Consulting pharmacists work to provide information to the public as well as to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. There are also consulting pharmacist jobs available at corporations, managed care facilities, and private organizations. Different jobs require levels of mastery in certain domains of pharmacy including professional practice, leadership, and development or research.

Many consulting pharmacist jobs are located at general pharmacies. These pharmacists work to provide information to the public about illness and conditions as well as the patients' current prescriptions. A level of preventive care is utilized as the pharmacists explain what patients can do to take better care of themselves to prevent future maladies.

A consulting pharmacist.
A consulting pharmacist.

After practicing at a general pharmacy for some time, a pharmacist might be interested in taking a consulting pharmacist job at a hospital. There, the pharmacist consults with doctors and nurses about the best prescriptions for various problems that the patients within the hospital are having. There is less direct communication with patients in this type of setting.

Pharmaceutical companies often hire pharmacists for consulting positions. A pharmacist at a pharmaceutical company is responsible for doing research and evaluating drugs. This includes helping to create new drugs as well as testing those that currently exist, along with a team of scientists and physicians.

Corporations offer consulting pharmacist jobs to those who have shown mastery working as general consulting pharmacists. This is usually a promotion from working at a general pharmacy chain to working at a district or national office. These jobs entail managing and consulting with pharmacists at various chains within the given region.

Managed care facilities, such as insurance companies, often have consulting pharmacist jobs available for those interested in consulting on how to best manage patients while saving money at the same time. This means choosing drugs that patients can use, doing research on which medications are safest, and consulting about preventive care for high-risk populations.

Private organizations such as nursing homes, drug rehab centers, and psychiatric institutes hire consulting pharmacists to work with their patients. These settings provide the pharmacist with the opportunity to work with both patients and physicians to choose the best line of treatment. Patients might speak with the pharmacist directly about concerns they are having. The pharmacist also consults with doctors and nurses to aid in prevention and deal with medical and mental problems as they arise.

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    • A consulting pharmacist.
      By: mangostock
      A consulting pharmacist.