What are the Different Types of Class Action Claims?

Erin Oxendine
Erin Oxendine
A car model with faulty brakes might be part of a class action lawsuit.
A car model with faulty brakes might be part of a class action lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit is a claim collectively filed by a group of people alleging that they all suffered as a result of using a company's product or that the company treated them unfairly. There are different types of class action claims, including product liability, employment issues, and consumer fraud. This kind of litigation may also involve alleged lender deception and mortgage fraud.

One of the most common class action claims is related to product defects that are alleged to have caused injury or death. For example, if a car is alleged to have faulty brakes, that would affect a large group of consumers. An attorney may sue for damages on behalf of the individuals who had wrecks they believe were caused by the apparently defective brakes. The lawyer might ask for monetary relief and possibly attempt to get the manufacturer to issue a recall.

Class action claims relating to employees and employers make up a large number of the class action lawsuits. These cases often concern employee wages, unpaid overtime, or unsafe working conditions. Other large corporations have found themselves named in class action cases due to alleged discrimination against employees because of race or age. Workers who believe they were terminated in retaliation for being "whistleblowers" or exposing information about the company often go forth with a class action claim.

A number of banks and other lenders have been the subject of class action claims by consumers who claim that their tactics were unscrupulous. These practices may involve allegedly raising rates unnecessarily or foreclosing homes without proper notice. Some companies have also been sued by borrowers who allege they were victims of predatory lending practices. Account holders who were charged extra fees on their credit cards without warning might also hire a class action lawyer to sue the credit card company.

People sometimes file class action claims regarding apparently dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Some medication can cause severe reactions if an individual is allergic to an ingredient in it or if the person has an underlying health condition. It is up to the drug manufacturer to list known side effects on the label and advise of any possible interactions. There have been numerous class action claims surrounding diet pills that were alleged to have caused heart problems, strokes, and kidney failure.

It is important to note that the process to settle a class action claim may be stressful and time-consuming. These cases may take a long time because of the number of plaintiffs involved and the massive amount of evidence that has to be gathered. Individuals should also realize that any monetary award is divided among all of the plaintiffs in a class action case.

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    • A car model with faulty brakes might be part of a class action lawsuit.
      By: vvoe
      A car model with faulty brakes might be part of a class action lawsuit.