What are the Different Types of Circuit Training Equipment?

Angel Holthus
Angel Holthus
Push-ups can easily be incorporated into circuit training.
Push-ups can easily be incorporated into circuit training.

Circuit training equipment is used to create a complete body workout that utilizes all of the muscle groups in a logical and physically efficient way. Generally, the equipment includes machines that provide a variety of exercises — such as presses, extensions, and curls — through the use of bars, pulleys, and weights. The equipment has a wide variety of built-in weights and ranges of motion for many different skill levels and sizes of users. Coupled with a healthy level of cardiovascular exercise, circuit training typically provides a well-rounded fitness routine that effectively helps develop strength and stamina. The various types of machines focus on improving core-strength, arm, shoulder, leg, abdominal, back, and chest development.

A first step to using circuit training equipment is to learn the correct positions, spacing adjustments, and weight levels. It is a good idea to ask a gym employee or trainer for assistance in learning more about each machine. Once educated on the basics, the next step is to develop an appropriate and effective workout that utilizes the wide array of routines to target each muscle group.

The main components to most circuit training workouts are strength training machines. Other tools and methods are often used to supplement the use of lifting machines. Cardiovascular exercise is commonly interjected throughout the workout by using treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, or stationary bicycles. Also, activity balls and floor exercises can be used if there is a lack of equipment in the space being used.

A typical circuit training workout concentrating on the upper body might include the use of bicep/tricep curls, push-ups, chin-ups, shoulder presses, a rowing machine, and chest presses. Several lower body exercises include the leg press, abductor/adductor machine, squats, and leg extensions. The third main area of focus of the circuit training workout is developing core and abdominal strength, which might include crunches, abdominal/lower back machine, leg raises, and sit-ups. It can be important to incorporate a wide variety of circuit training equipment in order to receive a productive and well rounded work out.

While using circuit training equipment, it typically is important to incorporate the practice of taking short rests. These intermittent breaks can help prevent the body from being overworked, thereby allowing the muscles a brief recovery that can help them develop correctly. It is, however, also important for a person to make sure that these breaks do not last too long or the muscles could cool down and the exercises lose their effectiveness. A common rest period between performing each activity is 30 to 90 seconds.

The main advantage of circuit training workouts is that they instill a variety of exercises in a routine. This not only prevents boredom, but allows the muscles to maximize their development during strength training. By avoiding methods that are too complex or overly challenging, circuit training can be inviting for all ages and degrees of experience.

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    • Push-ups can easily be incorporated into circuit training.
      By: bertys30
      Push-ups can easily be incorporated into circuit training.