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What Are the Different Types of Cherry Pie?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Cherry pie can vary in the number and type of crusts used to make it. Some desserts could be made more like a cobbler, while others might be similar to cheesecake. Pies might also be individual-sized ones or they may feed several guests. Regular sugar or artificial sweetener can be used to sweeten this somewhat sour fruit when baking. They might be enjoyed at different temperatures, and sometimes have other toppings added.

One of these desserts often contains only a single crust. Other times, a cherry pie might have two crusts, one on top and another on the bottom. A cherry pie crust could also be a lattice-style one, which is essentially strips of dough intertwined in a basket weave pattern. Most crusts are made from flour, butter, and eggs, but a cheesecake type dessert typically has a graham cracker crust instead.


When cherry pie has crust only on the top, this dessert is known as a cobbler. This may be a full crust which covers the fruit entirely, or small pieces of dough may be placed on top of the filling before it is baked. A mixture of flour, brown sugar, and oats can be used instead of the dough, and this often results in a sweet yet crispy topping. When baking these types of pies, a long rectangular pan is normally used rather than a round pie pan.

A cherry pie.
A cherry pie.

Pie filling can be placed inside a piece of dough and then folded over before baking to form a turnover. This type of cherry pie may sometimes have a sugary glaze on the outside as well. One of these pastries is normally just big enough for one person to enjoy. Another example of individual pies is that of a tart. This pastry is typically baked in small round dishes and could be a single or double crust variety.

Cherry pies generally contain a large amount of sugar to sweeten the tart taste of the fruit.
Cherry pies generally contain a large amount of sugar to sweeten the tart taste of the fruit.

Most cherry pies contain a great deal of sugar; commercially-prepared desserts might also contain corn syrup. This dessert can also be prepared with artificial sweetener such as aspartame or saccharin. Many bakeries carry pies made with both sugar and artificial sweetener to accommodate patrons with special dietary needs.

While cherry pie typically tastes better when it is warm from the oven, it might also be eaten at room temperature. An exception to this is a cheesecake type which might need to be refrigerated first. This treat can be enjoyed at the end of a meal along with ice cream or whipped topping, or as a snack in itself.

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I like a lattice crust on a cherry pie, personally. That's my preferred way to eat it. I also don't like it to be too sweet -- or any fruit pie too sweet, for that matter. I want to be able to taste the fruit and not just sugar.

Cherries can be tart or very sweet, depending on the variety, so care should be taken when sweetening them. Usually, a third of a cup of sugar is sufficient for a pound of sliced cherries, unless they're very tart. Add sugar by the tablespoon and stop when they're more sweet than tart -- but still have a little tartness remaining.

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    • Cherries.
      By: Harris Shiffman
    • A cherry pie.
      By: Elena Blokhina
      A cherry pie.
    • Cherry pies generally contain a large amount of sugar to sweeten the tart taste of the fruit.
      By: Jeppestown
      Cherry pies generally contain a large amount of sugar to sweeten the tart taste of the fruit.