What are the Different Types of Car Seat Support?

Autumn Rivers

Drivers who travel often or for long periods may feel uncomfortable after spending hours in their car, but car seat support can help. There are various types of cushions that can make long drives more comfortable for the back and neck. One of the most popular kinds is a lumbar support pillow, which straps to the seat and cushions the back so the spine is properly aligned during the trip. Some people prefer a wedge pillow, which is supposed to be placed on the seat so there is less pressure on the spine from sitting at an odd angle. Finally, a travel pillow that wraps around the neck can improve posture while also relieving tension in the area.

Sitting for long periods of time without proper lumbar support can lead to back pain.
Sitting for long periods of time without proper lumbar support can lead to back pain.

The typical lumbar support pillow is made of contoured foam that offers plenty of cushioning for the back. It can usually strap to any car seat, allowing drivers or passengers to relax their back muscles as they lean against this type of car seat support. It works by ensuring that the spinal cord is aligned correctly, reducing pressure on all the spinal discs while eliminating pain in the lower back. The result is less tension, better posture, increased energy and an improved ability to concentrate. Many people who notice a difference while using this lumbar support in a car seat also opt to use it in their office chair.

Another type of car seat support is a seat wedge pillow, which is a piece of foam angled so the back is thicker than the front. This is ideal for car seats that plunge too far back because it tips the pelvis slightly forward, which creates better posture while sitting. The result is less pressure on the spine, as well as reduced lower back pain. Like the lumbar pillow, this type of car seat support is also helpful in an office chair, because it can assist just about anyone who needs to sit for several hours at a time.

A travel pillow is one type of car seat support that primarily affects the neck rather than the back. It is usually shaped like a half-circle and should be wrapped around the neck with the open area in front. Not only is it comfortable for the neck, providing cushioned support during long drives, but it also keeps this area properly aligned with the spine to promote good posture. Many travel pillows for the neck feature memory foam, allowing it to conform to each person for ultimate comfort while in the car.

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