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What Are the Different Types of BPO Home Jobs?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

People who work in the business process outsourcing (BPO)industry are contracted by organizations to perform operations that help these organizations to function. For example, some people in the BPO industry might specialize in performing financial research that managers and executives can use to make informed business decisions. Others might perform data entry tasks or even take phone calls from clients and colleagues.

People who have BPO home jobs are those who are able to perform all regular business operations for which they are responsible from their home office workstations. Some of the most common BPO home jobs are data entry positions, telecommunications positions, and research positions. People who have earned high degrees of education and experience sometimes can find BPO home jobs in fields such information technology (IT) services, website design, and business process analysis.

A telecommuter working.
A telecommuter working.

Individuals who end up with BPO home jobs can have a wide variety of qualifications and experiences. People who have basic computer skills, for example, might find that they are eligible to apply for data entry positions, while people who have excellent communication skills and who have experience in fields such as customer service might find telecommunication roles. Individuals with graduate business degrees, on the other hand, particularly in fields such as finance, might find research and analysis jobs. People who have backgrounds in fields such as computer engineering and information systems might find IT support positions.

In most cases, people who have BPO home jobs actually are employed by BPO employment agencies. These agencies or firms specialize in matching their employees with client organizations that can benefit from outsourcing work since this method tends to be more cost effective, especially when it comes to completing time sensitive projects. Some firms have niche areas of specialization, such as in financial research or customer service. Larger agencies, on the other hand, might hire BPO professionals from a number of different backgrounds and therefore serve clients with a wide array of needs.

It is common for people with BPO home jobs to have to work independently, though in many cases BPO professionals must communicate with colleagues and supervisors via telephone or email. Many BPO professionals also are required to install special software into their personal computers that allow them to access, store, and share data related to their jobs. In other cases, people with BPO home jobs might need to access software as a service, meaning that they might go to a website that hosts programs and share data through provided interfaces.

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    • A telecommuter working.
      By: Sanjay Deva
      A telecommuter working.