What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Storage Benches?

Autumn Rivers

It is possible to increase the storage space in a bedroom without compromising decor by adding a storage bench to the room. There are many varieties of bedroom storage benches, such as the bench chest, which features a large storage area just beneath the top of the bench. Some people like to have access to the items inside the bench while they sit on it, in which case a bench cubby may be ideal, because it features an open area in the front. Another option is a bench with drawers in front, which hides the items inside without denying access to the person sitting on top.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

One of the most common types of bedroom storage benches is the bench chest, which typically has a door that swings upward. This means it usually is impossible to access the interior of the chest while someone is sitting on top of it, though it also gives the bench chest the appearance of simply being furniture rather than storage. Some people may regularly store items, such as linens, in a bench chest, while others may use it as a catch-all for random items when they need to clean up in a hurry. These types of bedroom storage benches may be made of hard material, such as wood, which can be made more comfortable with an added cushion. Some storage benches may be covered entirely by softer materials, such as leather, vinyl or other upholstery, and they may even match the rest of the furniture in the bedroom.

Another type of bedroom furniture that can store items is the bench cubby, which features a surface on top on which people can sit and an open area underneath for storage. This means the items stored in the bench usually are visible instead of hidden and, unlike a bench chest, it usually is possible to sit on top while still accessing the stored items. Those who wish to hide some items may choose to place them in baskets, which they then can put in the cubby areas that are part of such bedroom storage benches. These benches usually are meant to be placed at the foot of the bed, so they typically are matched to the bed frame, whether it is wood or metal.

A third type of bench features drawers in the front, making it another kind of bedroom storage that allows people to sit while still accessing the items inside. There may be one or more drawers, and they can vary in size. Some bedroom storage benches of this type have a combination of drawers and cubbies, and some also have back support and armrests so they look similar to park benches, only with the addition of storage space in the front. These bedroom storage benches come in a variety of materials, including wood, wicker and leather.

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