What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Wall Decor?

B. Miller

There are a number of different types of bathroom wall decor to brighten up the room and make the walls more aesthetically appealing. Framed pictures are some of the most common types of bathroom wall decor; these might be paintings or photographs, typically related to the theme or other colors found in the bathroom, such as a floral theme or beach theme. Wall decals, which are removable, or wall stencils, which must be painted, are two other ways to decorate the walls in a bathroom. Finally, decorative and functional items such as mirrors or shelving are also great choices, and can make the room look bigger.

Decorative shelving may be used as bathroom wall decor.
Decorative shelving may be used as bathroom wall decor.

The type of bathroom wall decor an individual selects for the room largely depends on the colors already used in the room, as well as any themes that have been used for decorating, and the style of the rest of the house. A more traditional or country home will likely carry that theme to the bathroom, and items like floral paintings or wooden signs may be used as the decor on the walls. Those with a more modern home might be more interested in keeping the appearance of clean lines or a minimalist look, and might decorate with simple architectural wall sculptures, mirrors, or glass decorative items with clean lines. Vintage signs are also quite popular for decorating a bathroom.

Wallpaper may be used to decorate a bathroom.
Wallpaper may be used to decorate a bathroom.

To change the look of the walls themselves, there are a few other options. Changing the paint or wallpaper colors can really enhance the entire look of a room. For a less drastic change, adding a wallpaper border or stenciling some decorative images onto the walls can add some visual interest and brighten up a room. Wall decals, which stick directly onto the walls, but can be removed later, are a great choice for bathroom wall decor for people who rent or cannot make permanent changes to the walls. Be sure to choose ones designed for use in a humid environment so they don't peel off.

Of course, bathroom wall decor can be functional as well as decorative. Mirrors used around the room may not only be useful if different people are getting ready in the morning, but they can also help to make the room look bigger. Decorative shelving can be used to break up large walls, and can be a good place to store items that need to be accessed more frequently. For bathrooms without a linen closet, shelving can be a necessary addition anyway.

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