What Are the Different Types of Australian Finches?

N. Madison
N. Madison

There are many different types of Australian finches. Each one has unique coloring as well as particular personality traits and habits. Among the most commonly-bred types of Australian finches are the star, zebra, and Gouldian finch. These are all small birds that are often shorter than the length of the average person's hand. These birds are usually fairly easy to keep as pets.


Australian finches typically like to live in large groups of other birds but are not excessively noisy. They usually live for several years and have a docile temperament. Most Australian finches are usually hardy but can be vulnerable to illness when they are not cared in the proper way. For example, experts usually recommend the frequent cleaning of the floor of their enclosures to avoid bacterial infection. These birds will often feed from the ground.

Finches native to Australia are usually considered appropriate for families with small children and amateur bird owners, as they are usually not as aggressive and likely to become ill as many other birds. Many of them are also easy to breed in captivity when given enough enclosure space. Australian finches are often less expensive than many other types of birds, making them more accessible for those newly interested in owning birds as pets.

One of the most frequently bred of these finches is the zebra finch. The zebra finch can have numerous different colors and markings. White, cinnamon, silver, and blue are among the most common, however. Zebra finches are typically active, but less aggressive than other Australian finches and need a large enclosure in which to exercise their wings. They are also relatively easy to breed in captivity.

The star finch is also among the most commonly domesticated of the types of finches found in Australia. One usually has a difficult time trying to spot this bird in the wild, however, as they are hardly ever seen outside of captivity. This species is a common choice for beginners, as they are typically healthy birds and easy to breed. They often feature brightly colored beaks and faces as well as spots on their bodies.

Another commonly bred species of finch is called the Gouldian finch. Like the zebra finch, it has several different color patterns that are possible in its plumage. The Gouldian finch, however, is larger than the zebra finch and a bit more difficult to maintain. Though this bird usually moves from place to place, it is also one of the most widely domesticated birds in Australia.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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