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What Are the Different Types of Artistic Jobs?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A common misconception among many creative people is that their artistic abilities can be used only in their spare time. On the contrary, there are a number of artistic jobs available for talented individuals. Freelance artists, graphic designers, art teachers, and marketing professionals all have artistic jobs. While it is true that some kinds of artists need to have other jobs to supplement their income, many artists find ways to support themselves solely by working in the art world. Factors such as salary and job security depend largely on the kind of artistic job an individual works and what kind of reputation and experience he or she has.

When people think of artistic jobs, professional artist might be the first thing that comes to mind. This is an individual who makes money selling his or her artwork. There is no set career path for this kind of artist. It might be most important to practice making art as often as possible and to seek opportunities to show work in galleries. Individuals who want to become professional artists also can attend art school, apply for grants, and set up professional websites.

Woman painting
Woman painting

A freelance artist is a professional who performs contract artistic work. For example, if a restaurant owner decides that he or she would like a mural painted on the wall of his or her establishment, he or she can commission a freelance artist to complete this work. To land these kinds of artistic jobs, an individual should begin putting together a portfolio of completed works.

Many artists find that teaching art to aspiring creative professionals is a great way to make money in the art world. Artists can teach classes to community members who want to improve their artistic skills or to art students in degree programs. Individuals seeking these kinds of artistic jobs can benefit from completing education training. To teach at an academic institution, it might be necessary to earn a professional degree or certification in art education.

Advertising and marketing firms offer many artistic jobs for creative professionals. Graphic designers, for example, are art professionals who are responsible for designing logos and fonts that appear in magazine ads, billboards, websites, and product packaging. To get these kinds of artistic jobs, individuals should enter graphic design programs in college. Many of these positions require individuals to use special software to create their designs. This software can be expensive and difficult to use, so formal education is the only way for most people to develop necessary skills.

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    • Woman painting
      Woman painting