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What are the Different Types of Aromatherapy Classes?

Jennifer Brister
Jennifer Brister

Aromatherapy classes teach students about the art of using essential oils for their healing properties. These classes range from basic instruction for beginners to in-depth chemical study about the physical properties of various plants and oils. Many people who are interested in naturalistic healing take classes in aromatherapy to further their knowledge of different means of natural healing.

Essential oils have been used for years as a way to heal ailments, such as muscle pain, cough, backache, and fever. When taking aromatherapy classes, students can learn the medicinal and therapeutic uses for each type of oil. People studying natural healing often take these types of classes so that they can gain the knowledge of exactly how to use aromatherapy oils during treatment processes.

Beginners can learn how to make oils from natural herbs.
Beginners can learn how to make oils from natural herbs.

There are several types of aromatherapy classes available for students to take. Basic beginner classes typically introduce students to the different oils and help familiarize each student with properties of the oils. Students are typically required to purchase their own aromatherapy oil kit for the class. Kits can easily be purchased online or at most schools that offer aromatherapy courses.

Aromatherapy chemistry classes are generally offered to people who have an interest in learning the chemical aspects of aromatherapy. These classes could be good for people who enjoy science and do not mind receiving technical training. Students typically receive a better understanding of exactly how essential oils work in and on the body.

Another important type of aromatherapy class is aromatherapy massage. In this type of class, students learn the art of massage and how to incorporate the use of essential oils into the massage process. This type of class typically offers basic instruction in massage but for more in-depth massage instruction, students may want to consider attending a massage therapy school. By applying aromatherapy during massage techniques, students typically learn how to relax and refresh most clients.

For people who desire to obtain an advanced knowledge of aromatherapy, there are aromatherapy classes that offer a diploma or aromatherapy certification. During these types of classes, students not only learn the holistic healing properties of each oil but the chemical disposition as well. These aromatherapy programs often offer students the chance to earn a degree in holistic medicine and show them the different career paths that a professional aromatherapist can take. By enrolling in a professional aromatherapy program, the student can begin the process of learning everything he or she needs to know about the study of aromatherapy.

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    • Beginners can learn how to make oils from natural herbs.
      By: marilyn barbone
      Beginners can learn how to make oils from natural herbs.