What Are the Different Types of Area Manager Jobs?

D. Grey
D. Grey
An area manager must have previous management experience.
An area manager must have previous management experience.

Some of the most common types of area manager jobs include those found in sales, retail, and the restaurant industry. Sales area manager jobs usually require hiring, training, and ensuring that team sales goals are met. Retail area manager jobs often include overseeing the smooth operation of multiple stores, including interacting with local management and employees. Area manager jobs found within the restaurant industry may include duties such as overseeing financial goals, coordinating deliveries to the restaurants, and ensuring that franchise rules are being properly followed.

A sales area manager generally has some degree of oversight with regard to the hiring of staff, particularly local managers. In addition, sales area managers may also be involved in the training of new employees as well as keeping other workers motivated. Contests or other motivational techniques are often used for this purpose and may be coordinated by the manager. Area mangers of this type may also be responsible for helping employees meet or exceed sales goals whenever possible. Other duties of a sales area manager might include budgeting, employee promotions, resolving inter-office disputes, and helping to maintain customer satisfaction.

Retail area managers are often involved in hiring and training. These individuals also check in with local management to resolve issues and to keep the retail store functioning properly. Often a retail area manager is responsible for coordinating deliveries to the stores they oversee, including the transfer of items from one store to another. This may occur in the event that one store has a surplus of an item that another store needs. This kind of area manager job occasionally demands some interaction with customers as well as budgeting and promotions.

An area manager working in the food industry may supervise several restaurants in one area and is a common position in the employee hierarchy of franchise restaurants. The restaurant area manager is responsible for confirming that each restaurant follows the rules laid out in the franchise agreement. Along with the duties of hiring, training, and coordinating, a restaurant area manager may ensure that each restaurant is properly supplied and that safety and sanitary regulations are being followed. An area manager working in the food industry may also be asked to work with vendors of foods or cooking equipment and to adjust the budget of the company as necessary.

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    • An area manager must have previous management experience.
      By: Monkey Business
      An area manager must have previous management experience.