What are the Different Types of Air Filtration Products?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
An air filter.
An air filter.

Various air filtration devices can be found on the market to help consumers create healthier indoor environments in their homes or businesses. Most of these units use a traditional filter system, but there are other types of air filtration products available that may be more effective in certain situations. To find the best product, it is important to know what each type of system does and how it can benefit a given situation.

The majority of air filtration products involve an electronic blower that works by pulling air into a filter and then blowing it back out into the room. Filters can be made from various materials, including fiberglass or fabric. This type of device can come in many sizes in order to accommodate any room. Some basic filtration systems can be connected to a heating and air conditioning system, allowing them to filter an entire building at once.

Other air filtration products include newer technologies, such as ion diffusers. Positive ions in the air have been linked to a host of health problems when left at high levels for too long. Heating systems and other electronic systems in the home are the main culprits for developing positive ions. To combat this problem, new air filtration products feature not only air filtration but negative ion production as well. This helps to neutralize the air and instill it with health promoting negative ions to rid the air of dangerous positive ones.

Ozone air filtration products are generally more effective at removing even the smallest of microorganisms from the air. They work by targeting and destroying the particles instead of trapping them in a filter. Ultraviolet light has also been used in the same way to clean the air.

To get the best performance from any air filtration device, it is important to follow a few instructions carefully. First, it is important to use systems that are the correct size for the room being filtered. A system that is too small will not sufficiently remove pollutants from the entire room. In addition, it is very important to change all filters regularly to ensure that the system can run properly. If the filter becomes blocked by dust and other particles, air cannot be effectively cleaned.

The type of air filtration products that are necessary for any given situation depends heavily on the needs of the user. Someone with breathing problems like asthma or severe allergies may need a more advanced system than someone without these issues. When choosing a system, it is a good idea to read all customer reviews and to speak with retailers and professionals who can give accurate information on a system’s effectiveness.

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    • An air filter.
      An air filter.