What Are the Different Types of Academic Jobs?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Common academic jobs include those of the instructors.
Common academic jobs include those of the instructors.

There are a number of different academic jobs at all different types of educational institutions such as colleges or universities. Some of the most common academic jobs are those of the instructors, who work directly with students to teach courses. In institutions of higher learning, most will also be expected to publish scholarly papers and/or conduct ongoing research as part of the terms of their employment. Administrative jobs are also an important part of academia, as well as other experts such as library staff and researchers who may not teach courses, but will often still work with students some of the time.

Faculty positions make up the bulk of academic jobs. Each academic department in a college or university, such as mathematics, English, or various science departments, among others, will generally have a number of faculty members to teach different types of courses and ensure the department is well rounded. Despite being in the same department, each faculty member will likely have a different area of expertise within his or her given field. Because of these different areas of expertise, department heads will generally require that instructors and professors maintain their knowledge outside of teaching courses.

Though they may not be considered separate academic job, performing scholarly or applied research and writing peer-reviewed papers for publication is another important aspect of academic life for faculty members. The frequency with which faculty members will be required to write and publish papers can vary depending on the institution and the particular field. Of course, faculty positions are not the only academic jobs available at institutions of hire learning.

Professional and staff positions exist in many different departments as well. These may include department assistants or clerks in various areas, positions which are often filled by work-study or graduate assistant students. The senior administrative offices of the college may also be considered academic jobs; these include positions such as running the admissions department, the registrar, who ensure students are registered for the proper courses, as well as the posts of provost and president, who oversee the entire academic operation of the institution.

A library is another important part of all academic institutions. At least one full time professional librarian will work there, but larger libraries will often have more. Some may have different specialties, such as research or information technology. Library support staff such as check-out clerks or assistants are common as well, and these are also positions that are often filled by students who are on work-study programs. Colleges are often welcome members of communities for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the large number of academic jobs they provide.

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    • Common academic jobs include those of the instructors.
      Common academic jobs include those of the instructors.