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What Are the Different Types of 3D Artist Jobs?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Three-dimensional (3D) artists have many job possibilities, so many that some 3D artists may not grasp the vast nature of their field. Some of the more popular 3D artist jobs are in animation, where artists work on building and animating a 3D world. Similar 3D artist jobs can be found in the gaming industry, though the two industries require different skills. Many businesses make 3D marketing animations and designs, creating job opportunities in marketing. Architecture modeling also is a job possibility, but the artist typically will need to be familiar with architecture, too.

Perhaps the most popular and recognized 3D artist jobs are in animation. Many 3D artists know about larger animation studios, but there also are job opportunities with smaller, lesser-known studios. In this field, the 3D artist may have to perform many different tasks. Depending on the artist’s role, he may make character designs, animate scenes, create the background, do special effects or work on fine details such as talking and appendage movements. Oftentimes an artist will be hired for a single step in the animation process, and he should be comfortable using animation-related computer programs.

Woman painting
Woman painting

Making games is another of the various 3D artist jobs that require the artist to be responsible for characters, backgrounds, etc. Animating certain scenes also may be a task for the 3D artist, but these scenes typically make up a small part of the game. The artist normally is expected to know about game design and programming so he can effectively use the designs in the game.

Marketing and advertising agencies also can offer 3D artist jobs. In these positions, an artist is expected to make advertising designs to promote a company or product. The advertisements may be static, for billboards and posters, or they may be animated for commercials. The software requirements typically are not as high in this industry, but the artist is expected to know how to create art that helps to persuade people to buy a product.

Another area in which 3D artist jobs exist is architecture. Many architecture programs can make 3D models, but an artist sometimes is needed to make more elaborate models. When the artist is working under an architect, then the artist may not need any special skills or knowledge outside of knowing 3D design. If the artist is doubling as an architect, then may need a degree or certification in architecture.

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    • Woman painting
      Woman painting