What are the Different Sales Administrator Jobs?

Jeany Miller

Many types of sales administrator jobs may be found around the globe and in different industries. In addition to the working environment, these jobs may also exist in diverse capacities. Examples are likely to include marketing, administration, information technology and logistics. In many cases, sales administrator duties are intended to streamline internal processes and improve profits. Despite some overlapping duties, however, each capacity is likely to entail individual responsibilities.

Sales administrators may communicate with customers over the phone regarding purchases.
Sales administrators may communicate with customers over the phone regarding purchases.

Sales teams often need support staff members who improve total department productivity. Activities such as developing marketing plans and implementing new computer applications may help team members work more efficiently. Sales administrator jobs are thus likely to be available throughout many industries with a diverse range of responsibilities. Consistent functions may include managing key relationships with vendors and customers and facilitating contracts negotiations. Additional tasks are likely to include confidential file maintenance, paperwork processing and administrative duties as requested.

A sales administrator may create and maintain databases and spreadsheets.
A sales administrator may create and maintain databases and spreadsheets.

A sales administrator job description with a financial planning company may include the following tasks: generate and distribute individual contract proposals to brokers, confirm product specifications for proposal requests and coordinate office receptions. The sales administrator may also create welcome packets for new clients, develop fresh marketing materials and manage prospective client information. In this manner, the sales administrator facilitates many internal functions, including proposal development and client relations.

Marketing is usually another significant component of the sales team’s efforts. Sales administrator jobs in this capacity may therefore maintain customer survey programs, liaison between customers and sales representatives and provide weekly reports regarding customer traffic and product interest. These positions may further create prospect lists for use with marketing campaigns, visit sales offices to distribute client leads and coordinate attendance at industry events.

Some sales administrator jobs support an entire sales center rather than just a team. For example, a soda distributor may require someone to manage telephone and email communications, maintain database systems that include schedules and delivery spreadsheets and prepare routine correspondence. Such a sales administrator job may also coordinate meetings and travel arrangements, process purchase orders and expense reports and create presentations and corresponding materials. While this position still supports the company’s sales, specific functions are similar to those of an administrative assistant.

Computers often play an integral role with sales team activities and documentation tracking. Sales administrator jobs may therefore manage information technology to minimize electronic data problems. Responsibilities in this capacity are likely to include analyzing current business processes, importing and exporting large informational files and managing sales team user profiles. These positions may also develop data management templates, create and maintain technical specifications and design business support platforms for specific sales projects.

Logistics may pose another area in which the sales team requires specialized assistance. Manufacturing and distribution facilities, for example, often need people who monitor the sales process from initial work order to final product delivery. Sales administrator jobs may thus issue detailed quotations and proposals in response to sales representatives’ inquiries. From that point, the sales administrator may process purchase orders, update and maintain delivery/shipment schedules and coordinate products shipments to or from customers. Additional functions may include reporting order statuses to sales managers and reconciling accounting revenue at month- and quarter-ends.

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