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What are the Different Options for Brick Edging?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland

Brick edging is often a popular choice when it comes to creating borders because it tends to be fairly easy to install and is usually an affordable choice. When it comes to designing landscaping around the home, brick may be integrated into almost any outdoor area; bricks can be use to define a garden bed, add color and texture to a walkway, or serve as a border for a patio. Installing brick edging along a driveway may give the driveway somewhat of a manicured look, and using bricks in either traditional ways or angled to create unusual patterns can make a driveway more interesting. Bricks can be bought in many different sizes and colors, from traditional red to charcoal black, and are usually able to be coordinated into the color scheme of most homes.

When it comes to gardening, brick is often used to edge a planting area, especially a flower garden. Brick edging not only is aesthetically pleasing, but it also functions as a practical choice to help contain the soil beds. Traditional, earthy-red colored bricks may also prove to be an effective way to showcase flowers in full bloom, but there are other color options when integrating bricks into the garden. Bricks in colors such as autumn gold, mushroom brown and burnt pumpkin can be used to create striking borders around a flower bed as well. Using this kind of edging may be an important part of designing a flower garden, as blending bricks with certain flower groupings can create dramatic effects.

A brick trowel and bricks.
A brick trowel and bricks.

If brick edging is used to outline a walkway or define a patio, it usually tends to provide a finished look to the entire area. Sometimes homeowners get creative and install different colored bricks that line a path that leads to their door; for example, pairing antique white brickwork with charcoal grey can create a pattern that may dress up even the plainest walkway. Bricks are often used to edge a patio area and are sometimes installed around a barbeque pit as well.

In the front yard, the addition of brick edging along a driveway may give the home a more finished, clean, almost manicured look. Bricks often provide an outline for a front sidewalk, or are even used to surround a mailbox. They can also be installed around a tree to shelter wildflowers that grow there, serving dual duty as a shaded seating area in the summertime. Bricks may also accentuate outdoor figurines, wishing wells, or call attention to just about anything that adorns a front yard area.

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    • A brick trowel and bricks.
      A brick trowel and bricks.