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What are the Different Methods for Quality Control in Technology?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Quality control is the formal process during which a product is tested to see if it meets specific expectations. There are many aspects of quality control in technology. These include hardware and software validation, as well as a formal verification process. This testing is typically done manually by people who ensure the computer and programs are functioning as expected.

Testing is the one opportunity for a company to verify the technology works before it is used by the customer. Quality control procedures are typically completed after all other testing has finished. This is an independent verification process that validates the product is ready for distribution.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Most quality control starts with test scripts that are designed to validate a specific part of a computer. Each test has expected results for usability, reliability, and longevity. These tests are executed by qualified test engineers, who document any defects found in the system.

A reliability test is an example of quality control in technology test. Reliability testing requires a computer to run for a specific duration without failure. This quality control process is a dry run for computer hardware. It is most often completed on computers before they are shipped to customers for use.

Quality control in technology also includes packaging and delivery testing. This is the process that ensures the correct hardware components are packed and shipped to the customer in a specific predefined form. Package and presentation testing ensures a consistent look and feel of a product.

Apple computers are an excellent example of quality control in technology testing today. All Apple products are packaged and shipped in a specific box, with specific hardware devices and instructions. A quality control engineer verifies the correct instructions and hardware components are shipped with the corresponding computer equipment. All Apple computers are shipped in the same manner with the same packaging to ensure quality control.

Longevity testing is another example of quality control in technology testing. This type of testing requires a device to go through a repetitive test. An example of this type of testing could be the opening and closing a compact disc drawer on a computer. The quality control specialist would verify the compact disc door operates without failure for a specific duration.

Most software applications also require a form of quality control testing. This is typically completed by special test engineers who understand how the application should function. This is validated against customer expectations to ensure the system will be accepted by the consumers.

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@Monika - The qualifications do seem to be pretty diverse for job in quality control. I was hunting for a new job awhile ago, and I noticed several advertisements for quality control positions.

Some of them didn't require too much experience, but then others required a lot of experience. Most quality control manager jobs wanted someone that had years of experience in quality control!

I can understand that, though. If you're going to be a manager of something, you need to have management skills as well as skills in the field you're working. So it makes sense to require a lot of experience for a job like that.


@Azuza - I agree with you. No one wants to buy a gadget or piece of software from a company with a bad reputation!

Anyway, it seems like there would be a lot of different quality control jobs. After all, as the article mentioned, there are several different kinds of quality control methods. The impression I'm getting is that these jobs could span from simple factory work, to computer testing, to more complicated jobs that would require an engineering degree. It seems like quality control would be a really diverse field to get into!


I think a good quality control system would have a positive impact on any technology company. I mean, think about it. If your products have a high failure rate, who's going to buy them? No one! And if you get a reputation for putting out poor quality products, your company will tank!

I'm sure it probably saves money in the long run to invest in a good quality control system. If I ran a technology company, I would make sure to put my products through several different kinds of quality control methods. I would spare no expense to protect my reputation for making quality products!

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer