What are the Different Marketing Director Careers?

Ken Black
Ken Black
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Marketing director careers may be broken down by division within the marketing department, or may be categorized by the types of organizations a director may work for. Choosing a path in the career of a marketing director will often depend on personal interests and past experiences. Some may do better to choose marketing director careers that deal with direct sales. Others may do better directing online sales, international efforts, or working with non-profit organizations. All of these options are available.

Though many may tend to think of a director of marketing career as one in which one person is ultimately responsible for an entire operation, that may not be true. Many marketing director careers are only responsible for one facet of an organization. For example, a large insurance company could have one director working with online, television and print marketing campaigns, and another working with direct sales agents.

Marketing director careers involve advertising, market research, sales, promotions, product development, displays, or even public relations. Though it is likely some of these areas will be combined into a job description that incorporates multiple areas of responsibility, some will be specific to a certain area as well. The way duties are broken up depends on the company.

Overall, there may be one person in charge of an entire department. In extremely large organizations that have multiple divisions, even within departments, a director may also carry the title of vice president. The vice president is the ultimate marketing director, and he or she will be involved in most major decisions. Often, this individual will sit in on meetings with division directors to coordinate a comprehensive marketing effort.

Further, in companies where marketing efforts are targeting multiple cultures, some marketing director careers may focus on domestic efforts, and others on international efforts. The same strategy that works in the home country of a company may not work abroad. Hiring a marketing director that understands these cultural nuances is important. This may be a person who has experience in many of the countries where operations occur, or could even be a native of one of those countries or regions of the world.

Marketing director careers exist in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Often, the goal of each is slightly different. Whereas a for-profit organization may be pushing a product mainly to generate sales, a non-profit organization may be looking to provide greater benefit to the consumer. Therefore, the strategies for pushing each product or service are going to be very different. Those in marketing director careers must understand these differences, and what will be required in each situation.

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