What are the Different Kinds of Seizure Disorders?

Patti Kate

There are many types of seizure disorders that can affect people of all ages. Some of these include epilepsy and non-epileptic seizure disorders. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is another type of seizure disorder. Infantile spasms produce seizures in babies. Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy is a condition that causes muscle spasms and seizures in young children and adolescents.

EEG tests, which record brain activity, are often used to diagnose specific seizure disorders.
EEG tests, which record brain activity, are often used to diagnose specific seizure disorders.

Non epileptic seizure disorders are typically classified by the convulsions created by various medical disorders. Infections, especially in children, may cause this type of seizure. High fevers can also produce seizure disorders in some young individuals. Also known as a febrile seizure, this is not a condition that will last throughout a child's life, as it is a direct result of a high fever.

Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy is a seizure disorder that typically occurs at the onset of adolescence. Various factors may trigger an episode, and many medical experts believe there is a genetic link to this condition. Symptoms my be managed with anti-seizure medications. Modification of diet may be helpful in some cases.

Some seizure disorders happen only at specific times. Such is the case of a tonic seizure. With tonic seizure disorders, the patient generally experiences muscle limpness or inflexibility that occurs while he is asleep. The seizure does not last very long, and many people may not even realize they've had symptoms when they awake.

A grand mal seizure occurs in epilepsy patients typically cause the person to lose consciousness and suffer from violent muscle contractions or convulsions. The patient may experience numbness in various parts of the body prior to an episode. After a grand mal seizure, the patient may be extremely drowsy and confused, and may be very sluggish.

Seizure disorders caused by environmental factors are another type of condition that affects young and old. One such example is something known as a photoepileptic seizure. Those who are predisposed to these types of seizures are advised to avoid certain images and flashing lights. This type of convulsion may be triggered by flashing patterns of a video game or other bright lights and may occur without warning.

A condition known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome often causes severe seizures in those affected. In patients afflicted by this epileptic disorder, symptoms generally manifest during the toddler years and last throughout lifetime. There is no known cure, although various treatments have been tested and utilized. Children who develop this disorder generally will require speech and other therapy programs to help with normal development.

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