What are the Different Kinds of Mobile Home Steps?

Sherry Holetzky

Since most mobile homes are raised, many of them leveled atop cinder blocks, stairs will be a necessity. An attractive set of mobile home steps, especially if a porch or deck is added, can add to the value of a mobile home. There are different styles and sizes, as well as different materials from which mobile home steps can be made.

Adding steps may increase the value of a mobile home.
Adding steps may increase the value of a mobile home.

Sizes vary according to the overall height of the staircase required as well as the number of risers and height and depth of each one. Width will vary as well. Some mobile home steps will have the last, or top step, just in front of the door, while others have a landing at the top.

Many mobile homes are raised and set on top of cinder blocks.
Many mobile homes are raised and set on top of cinder blocks.

Another important thing to consider is railings. Handrails are an important addition to prevent accidental falls and other injuries. They may even be required in many areas as part of the building code. Some styles of steps come complete with handrails while others do not. Others offer handrails as an addition and may include pre-drilled holes in the design to help simplify installation.

There are also stair templates available from home improvement centers. Templates are frequently wooden. Supports, hardware, and planks for risers can be added to complete the stairway. Look for treated wood to prevent mold, mildew, termites, or other problems that can lead to decay. Wooden mobile home steps can also be purchased or built by a contractor.

There are preformed sets of mobile home steps that can be purchased in a ready to install design. Others may come in a kit that includes all the necessary items to construct a set of stairs. Mobile home steps can also be made of fiberglass, metal, or aluminum.

There are standard designs and custom options. One custom option might be to add more or deeper risers to make the mobile home steps less steep. Another may be to add risers with more depth to assist those that have trouble climbing stairs or that need to use a walker.

Safety is always a concern, so in addition to handrails, the surface of the steps must also be taken into consideration. Some mobile home steps offer a textured finish while others add slip resistant features such as strips. Some are covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting. It is also important for a homeowner to check building codes to ensure that the mobile steps as well as the handrails are up to specification.

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