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What Are the Different Jobs in Public Health Management?

C.B. Fox
C.B. Fox

There are a variety of different kinds of jobs available in public health management. Professionals in this field may work in hospitals, universities, non-profits, or for state and federal governments. Though public health workers can be found in each of these organizations, the jobs they perform differ considerably in each setting. Public health management jobs may include evaluating health programs and government policies, researching new medications and treatments, and overseeing care provided by hospitals and health clinics.

In a medical facility, people in the public health management field may work alongside doctors, nurses and hospital administrators to make sure that patients are given the proper care. Some jobs in public health management include working one on one with patients, though most jobs are more concerned with the general health of the larger population the hospital serves. Public health managers may evaluate hospital programs and performance, organize preventative care programs, and provide educational materials for patients who become sick or injured. They may also monitor the types of illnesses and injuries of patients who are admitted to a hospital in order to determine what types of health risks there are in the community.


Government organizations also employ people in public health management jobs. These professionals do not usually work with patients, though they may be in contact with hospitals so that they can learn about the health of a given population. Many of the government jobs for public health managers involve watching for public health threats, such as disease outbreaks or toxic pollutants, and creating action plans to protect the population from these threats. They may also act as advisors for both state and federal politicians who enact laws to promote public health and safety.

There are also a variety of jobs in public health management at universities and other research facilities. Public health managers in these settings may work with research projects that test new medications or predict the progression of a contagious disease through a population. The results of these studies give people in the public health field information about the efficacy of new medications or the preparedness of a community to deal with a public health threat.

Public health management jobs can also be found in education. These professionals may develop community outreach programs that educate the public about good health practices and disease prevention. Many of these types of public health management jobs are found in government and non-profit organizations.

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